Title IV Required Disclosures

This page provides links required for an institution providing aid in the form of Federal Title IV loans.

Books and Supplies Policy for Federal Pell Grant Eligible Students

All Federal Pell Grant eligible students who have a credit balance on their University of Jamestown (UJ) account have the option to obtain a voucher from the UJ Cashier to purchase books and supplies from the UJ Bookstore/MBS. All required processes for financial aid must be completed before the voucher can be issued. Book vouchers will remain open until the census date, which is the tenth day of the semester, or the end of the second week of the semester. Eligible students have the option to obtain a voucher or to not choose this option. If the student will be receiving a refund after the book charges are applied to the student’s account, the resulting refund check will be sent to the student after census. If the student chooses not to obtain a book voucher, and will be receiving a refund check, the refund check will be issued to the student by the Cashier, providing all required financial aid processes have been completed.

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