Public Disclosures

Academic Program Improvement

We are constantly working to improve our academic programming. Significant initiatives include:

  • Ongoing University-wide assessment of all academic programs including annual assessment reports and five-year program reviews
  • Expansion of graduate and undergraduate programs in Fargo and online
  • STEM-related programming, particularly mechanical engineering

Daily Crime Log And Fire Log

The crime and fire logs for the most recent 60-day period is open to public inspection, upon request, during normal business hours. Any portion of the log that is older than 60 days must be made available within two business days of request for public inspection. This log can be found at the Student Affairs desk located in Lyngstad Hall.


Vaccination Policy

Following the American College Health Association recommendations, the University of Jamestown requires immunization records and tuberculosis risk assessment screenings of all incoming students. Targeted testing for tuberculosis is required of those students whose risk assessment form indicate a need. Information regarding this requirement comes to the student via the Admissions Department.

Other Public Disclosures


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