Study Abroad

Learn about what it’s like to go overseas at UJ and explore the different countries available in our study abroad program.

The world is waiting.

When you study abroad, every day is an adventure. It’s also the best way to expand your worldview. By traveling to one (or more!) of the 50 countries in our study abroad program, you’ll learn about different people, cultures and ways of life.

To successfully live and work in a global society, your education should have an international perspective.

When you travel overseas, you gain skills that make you more competitive in your future career, like:

  • Independence and tolerance
  • Cross-cultural competence
  • Multi-lingual familiarity
  • Networking from a global perspective

Where will you go?

Degree-seeking students can continue to use federal financial aid while studying abroad with UJ. You can choose to study abroad by traveling with:

  • UJ faculty and staff
  • OR, a partner program

Faculty- and staff-led study abroad experiences

Option 1: Work with local schools, non-profit entities, and community organizations on projects related to your major in this small community located 115 miles north of Nairobi. While you’re there, you’ll have the opportunity to hike Africa’s second tallest mountain, Mt. Kenya, and go on a safari in the Maasai Mara.

Option 2: In March/April, nursing students can have a clinical experience in the PCEA Chogoria Hospital and the Clive Irvine School of Nursing. Students will also work with community agencies doing public health outreach.

Interested in Environmental Science? Travel to the Polar Bear Capital of the World to learn about the Hudson Bay, the surrounding near-Arctic environment, and indigenous cultures. Stay for a few short weeks or spend your entire summer conducting research on arctic wildlife.

Option 1: Travel with the Foreign Language Department, where you can receive upper-level course credit during a summer study trip.

Option 1: Explore with the Biology Department, where you can spend two weeks studying Costa Rica’s incredible biodiversity and observing tropical organisms and ecosystems. You may even have the opportunity to snorkel along the coastline, zip-line through the cloud forest, and whitewater raft in the rain forest.

Option 1: Travel with the Foreign Language Department, where you can receive upper-level course credit during a summer study trip to a country like Germany.

Option 2: Study media, journalism, and culture for a month in the summer in places like Norway, Spain, Israel, Croatia, and Northern Ireland with ieiMedia—an organization dedicated to the study of international media. On this trip, you have the opportunity to.

Does Tropical Culture and Ecology interest you? Travel to Hawaii to learn and experience the Polynesian culture, language and customs. Visit historic and sacred sites, and see active volcanoes. Observe Honu (green sea turtles), mongoose, and marine organisms and endemic species located only in Hawaii. Visit black sand beaches, green sand beach and ‘regular’ tan sand beaches. And learn about sustainable cattle ranching on a tropical island!

This trip is reserved for nursing students to travel and work at Nkhoma Mission Hospital in departments like pediatric, adult medical, family planning, labor and delivery, the NICU, and surgery. While there, students also work with outreach programs like Afriana House, Peanut Butter + Jesus, and Ministry of Hope, and perform screening for malnutrition and malaria.

Study media, journalism, and culture for a month in the summer in Asian countries like Japan through ieiMedia, an organization dedicated to the study of international media.

Study abroad experiences with partnering programs

ISEP is a network of international institutions in more than 50 countries. Through ISEP, students have the ability to study abroad for the same cost of tuition, housing, and meals that they pay at UJ. Participants can study in English or the host language, and can take classes across all disciplines.

Each year, up to three students can study in Northern Ireland through the Irish American Scholars program. Applicants must be current sophomores or juniors with a minimum GPA of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale.

University of Jamestown has a unique partnership with Woodstock School, a Christian High School in Mussoorie, India.  Jimmies who travel to Mussoorie have the opportunity to influence the lives of high school students by student teaching.

Can you picture yourself here?

Whether you travel for two weeks or a full semester, you can expand your horizons and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Ready to explore?

Learn more about locations that interest you, as well as how to apply for each program by contacting our team.

Raena McIntyre

  • Student Services Coordinator

Study Abroad Department

The Study Abroad Department is located in Raugust Library, room 110.