Undergraduate Studies

Learn how to choose a major, find education requirements, and discover what makes a UJ education unique for undergraduate students.

Live your passion.

Learning skills for your specific career is a critical part of every undergraduate experience. But at UJ, we push you further—sometimes out of your comfort zone—to move across disciplines and understand how different majors influence each other.

With special programs, like Character in Leadership, The Honors Program and required general education (which we prefer to call essential education), you learn to think, communicate and lead. That means you’ll be more competitive in your career, before you even step foot in the “real world.”

Let’s get started.

Deciding what you want to do with your life is hard. We try to make it easier by providing guidance on how to choose a major. The best part is, at a close-knit university like UJ, you don’t have to choose just one thing. Many of our students pair their major with at least one minor or concentration, and participate in multiple activities – some even have two majors.

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No matter which major you choose, you’ll have required general education. Think of these courses as a solid foundation for your college education, as well as your future. You’ll get to explore different areas of study, expand your mind, and learn to think differently. All while gaining skills that are critical to success in your future profession.

Hands-on learning in state-of-the-art facilities.

Being able to access labs and hands-on activities is vital to your education at UJ. We’re constantly investing in cutting-edge facilities and technology so you can gain experience in your field of choice—all while under the supervision of your professor.


A big part of hands-on learning is working as an intern. Our dedicated Director of Career Services and Experiential Education can help you find and secure an internship.

Unmatched Support

We’re overachievers. Especially when it comes to supporting our students. With our WeCare program, dedicated faculty advisors, on-campus mental health counselors, a writing center, and more, we have the resources you need to succeed.

Go Global

Learn about people, cultures, and ways of life different from your own. We offer study abroad experiences in more than 50 countries.

Grow your faith

Be celebrated for who you are. And develop into the person God intended for you to be. Our campus ministry is open to people of all faith backgrounds, regardless of where you are in your faith journey.

Numbers aren’t everything. But we’re still pretty proud of ours.

A UJ education makes all the difference. But you don’t have to take our word for it. The proof is in the numbers.


Student to faculty ratio

By keeping classes small, your professor gets to know you—and probably your hometown, too—by name. This leads to better, individualized attention (hello, exceptional reference letter!).


Placement Rate

Almost all Jimmie grads find employment or move on to the next level of study within 12 months of graduation.


Freshmen who return

Most Jimmies return after their freshmen year to continue their college years at UJ. (They like it here–the national average is 65%!)

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Gregory Ulland

  • Vice President of Enrollment Management

Admission Department

The Admission Department is open M-F, 8 a.m.-5 p.m and located on the second floor of the Badal Nafus Student Center.