Graduate Studies

Learn what to expect as a graduate student at UJ and explore our four different grad programs.

Ready for a change?

Graduate students who choose UJ are ready for the next phase in their career. Each program is designed to help you make a transition—whether it’s to a new role at your current job or a new career at your dream job.

We keep our programs small, ranging from 15-35 students per cohort, so we can focus on the success of each student. That means you get personalized support from your faculty advisor, as well as virtual access to the same, renowned academic services offered on our Jamestown campus.

Graduate Degrees

Master’s Program
Our master’s degree programs are offered fully online and are taught by a mix of stand-out instructors. Some are full-time faculty who teach almost exclusively at the graduate level. Others are adjunct, clinical, and affiliated faculty members who are practitioners and experts in their fields.

Doctoral Degrees
We offer doctoral degrees that are available both in person and fully online. Regardless of your program, you will have support from outstanding faculty and advisors every step of the way—ensuring you grow in both practice and research.

Explore Graduate Programs

One of the main features of a graduate degree from UJ is community engagement. No matter which program you are in, students are involved in the community where they live. There are a range of opportunities for engagement—all personalized to your specific degree. 

What to expect as a grad student at UJ.

Students in our graduate programs come from all over the country—bringing with them different backgrounds and work experience. Our cohort model allows for peer interaction and input, all guided by a faculty member.

Speaking of our faculty, all of our professors have succeeded both academically and professionally. Each has earned their doctoral degree AND worked in the field that they’re teaching. That means they bring real-life work experience—combined with theoretical studies—to the classroom.

No matter which program you choose, each has the same expected outcomes. UJ graduate students will:

  1. Conduct themselves in an ethical manner.
  2. Articulate how diversity in its various forms affects their discipline.
  3. Assess the quality of research findings in their discipline.
  4. Conduct and present appropriate research.
  5. Communicate clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing.
  6. Actively participate in organizations in their communities, outside of the University.

One of the hallmarks of a UJ education is our commitment to students. We offer flexible learning environments and unmatched academic support, including library services and a Writing Center dedicated to graduate student success.

Jimmie Voices

"I entered the Master of Arts of Leadership program not fully understanding what I would be committing to or how it would impact my career. I thought it would create more opportunities for me…However, what I wasn’t aware of was the self reflection challenge that I would face."
Mallory (Sand) Brown, Class of 2009 and 2022
Master of Arts in Leadership Graduate 2022

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