Honors Program


  • Features engaging interdisciplinary seminars
  • Promotes creativity and critical thinking
  • For students with intellectual curiosity who enjoy academic challenges
  • 10 honors course credits required
  • Adds “University Honors” to college transcript
  • GPA 3.0 required for admission to the program

Honors Program Application


  • A Beautiful Mind: Psychology at the Movies
  • Exotic Landscapes, Alien Worlds: The British Imperial Romance
  • Feeding Mars: Understanding the Impact of War on Humanity through Literature and Film
  • From Cavemen to X-Men: Evolution and Society
  • Monsters and Mayhem: Exploring the History of Science through Fiction
  • Psychology of Gaming
  • Shades of Grey: Ethics in Healthcare


Juniors and Seniors in the Honors Program draw upon their prior coursework to develop a topic of study that integrates ideas from at least two academic disciplines for their Honors Capstone project.

Honors Capstone Project Example

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Michelle Solensky

  • Professor
  • Honors Program Director