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Raugust Library

Raugust Library on the Jamestown Campus is an architecturally distinctive building featuring two floors of books, technology, study spaces, and campus offices.

On the main floor you’ll find:

  • The Information Desk—for general questions and checking out materials
  • Group study tables and whiteboards
  • Windows desktop computers
  • A printer/scanner
  • 2 study rooms and a comfy couch
  • Reference books including citation and style manuals
  • The Curriculum Library (children’s and YA literature)
  • DVDs and CDs

On the second floor you’ll find:

  • Group and individual study tables and whiteboards
  • Group and individual study rooms
  • Comfortable seating (couches and armchairs)
  • The General Collection—where most of our books can be found
  • The University Archives

The library building is also home to the Writing Center, the Student Success Center, the Career Center, Study Abroad, CLEP Testing, and Disability Services.

Available Technology

Raugust Library currently has about 20 Windows desktops available for campus use. All of the machines run Windows 10 with the Microsoft Office Suite. Use your UJ username and password to log into the computers. The computer located in the smaller Listening Room on the main floor has a webcam for recording video presentations.

Raugust Library has two charging stations, one on the main floor in the Reference Section and one on the 2nd floor in one of the study areas. The stations have plug-ins for Android and Apple devices and are available for anyone to use. While Raugust Library is an environment of trust, please don’t leave your device(s) unattended.

Two group study rooms upstairs on the Kroeze side of the building have Smart TVs for you to connect laptops/devices. Instructions for connecting to the Smart TVs via HDMI or VGA are posted in the study rooms.

To facilitate the use of different multimedia platforms, Raugust Library has a VHS player and a multi-region DVD player available in the Listening Room. This room has a 42″ flat screen TV which is perfect for screening films with multiple viewers.

The Listening Room has the ability to play all forms of music in the library collection. The devices include a record player, cassette player, and CD player. If you require headphones while you are in Raugust Library please ask the Information Desk for a pair of earbuds.

Printing & Copying

Printing from a UJ Computer

All of the computers in the library have printing installed. Make sure to select libmain as the printer. To print in color select “Printer Properties” → “Color” → and uncheck “Print in Greyscale”.

Printing From Your Laptop

For instructions on how to install University printers on your personal computer, please visit:

Getting Connected

The Raugust Library printer is called libmain. If you require additional assistance please contact the Helpdesk.

NOTE: All unclaimed print jobs are purged each night at 10:00pm when the library closes.

Adding Printing Credits

Each semester UJ students receive $30.00 in printing credit. If a student runs out of printing credits they can stop by the Helpdesk located in Sorkness Hall 105 to add additional printing credits.

The scanner is located on the main floor of Raugust Library. The scanner can be customized to scan in color or at various page sizes and resolutions. There is no charge for scanning. You must sign into the machine using your university username and password. You can either save the scan to your own USB flash-drive or choose to email a PDF version.

The scanner can also print photocopies in both black and white and color and is located on the main floor of Raugust Library. You must sign into the machine using your university username and password. For students, black and white photocopies are $0.05 per page. Color photocopies are $0.25 per page.