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Apr 30, 2021
By Kim YongHwan

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Kim Yonghwan

When I decided to come to North Dakota, I didn’t have much information about this state. The only things that I’ve heard about North Dakota are the movie Fargo by Joel Coen, mid-west, and adorable buffalo. Honestly, this state was unfamiliar to me.

I drew the state myself in my head with a wild guess, and it became stereotypes and worries.

The biggest concern was my English ability. Of course, I’ve studied English since I was a kid, and also my major is English, but, speaking was a different thing to me. Probably, it would apply to many people who have learned a second language as a study, not a language. Too much care about grammar, word selection and fear of mistakes made me feel struggle every time I speak English.

However, all the people that I’ve met try to understand my situation. For example, if I ask a question or have trouble with something, they willingly help me many times. Through this experience, I finally realized a language is a tool for conversation. No matter my English, the more important thing is how I can show my sincere thoughts and feelings to other people. It is a simple thing but, it took three months to change my mind.

Kim Yonghwan posing with a police officer.


And club activities and various events give a chance to experience directly different cultures as an international student. Through those activities with more people, I’ve noticed that the world is huge but, at the same time, it is a smaller and more fun place than I expected. I feel how hard it is to leave with really wonderful memories. Lastly, if someone considers studying abroad, I am going to say: just go.

Collage of Kim YongHwan around the Jamestown area.

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