Growing my faith

May 23, 2022
By Anna Holen

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UJ means a lot to me, more than I could’ve expected it to coming in my freshman year. Yes, I’ve met the friends I’ll have for a lifetime, and I’m getting my degree in something I’m passionate about, and yeah, we’re pretty good at volleyball (#1 in the nation!), but what it has done for my faith journey is something I am eternally grateful for… literally.

I  have been able to grow in my faith since I’ve been here. I have learned the depths of what the gospel is/means, I’ve learned to prioritize Jesus in His rightful place in my life, and I am pushed by many great people who are also prioritizing their faith.

To list a few people that have impacted my faith journey since I’ve been here:

  • Coach Jon Hegerle
  • Corina Huff
  • Cacie Lloyd
  • Alex Huff
  • Candace Adams
  • Garrett Bickett

Now, there are so many people that have played a role and I am grateful for all of them too, these people have just helped me a little more.

My experience at UJ is nothing short of amazing and worthwhile. I have the best teammates in the world, the best friends I could ask for, an environment that pushes me in my faith, and professors that care about me. What more could I ask for?

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