Diary of a Homecoming Queen

Sep 14, 2016
By Jana Lynch

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Jana Lynch and friend at Homecoming ceremony

Homecoming is over, alumni are back home, and we are back to our normal routines – no longer preparing for alumni games, concerts, and the Homecoming weekend. As a senior, I know that Homecoming will mean more to me as the years go on. As seniors, we will grow up and move on to bigger and better places, but once a year we will be able to have an excuse to come back to see friends, professors, coaches, and family we have met at UJ.

It’s about the people.

The people I have met at University of Jamestown make this place what it is. One of my favorite things about going to college here is the size of our campus. I can walk around and know almost everyone. Even if we do not know each other, we can share a smile or a “Hello.” It’s great to be a part of a campus that supports each other as much as this one.

Being a part of the music and art departments, I love going to sporting events, cheering on my friends, and showing as much Jimmie Pride as I can. And then in return, it’s wonderful to see the “athletic” ones on the campus support us “not-so-athletic” ones in the concerts and plays. It’s wonderful to have friends not just in my major and activities, but from all over the campus.

Jana Lynch and friends actingAlong with my fellow students, the professors and administration here make this place a home. Professors want you to succeed and know you by name. The Administration strives to make this a place we can call home. They keep this place running, and they do it for us.

Being a Jimmie to me is all about relationships.

I will cherish the ones I have made here. They make homecoming even more special. I will get to come home and visit some of the best friends I have ever made. It’s that one time of the year I will get to sing “Praise to the Lord” with the choir. It’s that one time of the year I will get to relive memories as I walk down memory lane.

Nostalgia is an interesting concept and something everyone loves, and Homecoming gives us just that. As a senior just having my last homecoming, I know that for the rest of the year, I need to make sure I am creating those memories I will treasure for the rest of my life. I am making people a priority in my last year here at Jamestown. I am making Jimmies a priority, because I love the Jimmies, and I love being a Jimmie.

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