Game Design

  • Minor

The game design minor teaches basic iterative design and prototyping skills while providing students the opportunity to explore design for new technologies.  It offers a core of foundational studies with intermediate and advanced course options in game animation, game sound and music, and game design and development.


Course Title Credits

CS 170

Structured Programming


CS 180

Object-Oriented Programming


CS 251

Graphics Development


CS 272

Java Programming I


CS 317

Digital Audio and Video Development


CS 371

Computer Animation


CS 471

Game Development


Total Semester Credits Required: 21

Our Faculty

Computer Science and Technology Faculty

Jakob Barnard, PhD

  • Chair of Computer Science and Technology
  • Assistant Professor
  • Director of Online Technology Programs

Kathryn Lemm

  • Associate Professor
  • Assistant Track Coach (Throws)

Tuition and Financial Aid

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