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Program Details

Our Bachelor of Science in Chemistry program is ideal for students interested in exploring all areas of chemistry, as well as being exposed to biochemistry. You’ll put to practice what you learn in the classroom through laboratory experiences. Each is guided by your professor to help you gain personal attention and professional skills before you graduate.

Pre-Professional Programs

Many of our chemistry students go on to professional school after graduation. To help with this transition, we offer an array of pre-professional programs in the healthcare and medical field.

Prepared for grad school and beyond.

Many of our graduates go on to masters and PhD programs in science. Studying chemistry is ideal for entry into engineering programs, medical-related fields, forensics, and material, nuclear, agricultural, and environmental sciences.

Other UJ graduates pursue teaching, both at the high school and college level, or work in:

  • Crime Labs
  • The FDA
  • The Military
  • Industries as Analytical Chemists
  • Research
  • Chemical Engineering Industries

Why UJ?

  • Small class sizes and labs allow for more personalized support and discussion.
  • All courses are taught by professors, never grad students.
  • New buildings feature state-of-the-art labs.
  • Academic advisor (who is also chemistry faculty) is assigned on day one.
$12.49 Million

In scholarships, grants, and waivers

This is the amount awarded to students in the 21-22 year.

Mel Arnold Chemistry Scholarship

This scholarship is reserved for biochemistry and chemistry majors. Learn more

Diverse student popularion

UJ has more than 1,000 undergrad students from roughly 30 states and 20 countries.

Gain real-life experience

Upon graduation, you'll be ready to work in the field of your choice or expand your knowledge in graduate school. Chemistry majors can gain experience beyond the classroom through:

Laboratory Work

Our students develop their abilities to conduct experiments and engage in research through laboratory work in cell biology, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, and microbiology.


More experience = a better career! Our community support helps you gain professional development opportunities – many of which are available for credit. Our students gain experience by working with local dentists, veterinarians, and healthcare clinics.

Technical Preperation

Chemistry majors can serve as teaching assistants and work in lab preparation at UJ.

Jimmie Voices

“My professors were really invested in their classes and their students—they wanted me to succeed, and they sought out ways to do that. I don’t think that’s widespread. The professor-to-class relationship was just so strong at UJ.”
Blair Anderson, PHD
Class of 2008


Course Title Credits

Chem 133

General Chemistry I


Chem 134

General Chemistry II


Math 151

Calculus I


Math 152

Calculus II


Phys 203

Physics I


Phys 205

Physics II


Math 205


Math 253


Math 352



Calculus III


Linear Algebra


Ordinary Differential Equations








Chem 343

Organic Chemistry I


Chem 344

Organic Chemistry II


Chem 353

Chemical Methods of Analysis


Chem 354

Instrumental Methods of Analysis


Chem 373

Inorganic Chemistry I


Chem 374

Inorganic Chemistry II


Chem 390

Special Topics


Chem 413

Biochemistry I


Chem 423

Chemical Thermodynamics


Chem 424

Chemical Dynamics & Quantum Mechanics


Chem 493

Siminar I


Chem 494

Siminar II


Plus 3 of the following courses:

Course Title Credits

Chem 431

Advanced Lab I


Chem 432

Advanced Lab II


Chem 433

Advanced Lab III


Chem 434

Advanced Lab IV


Our Faculty

You’ll get to know the biochemistry faculty, both in and outside of the classroom, from day one. Click a profile below to learn more about faculty research and the courses they teach.

Tuition and Financial Aid

We believe every student, regardless of their financial situation, should have access to a UJ education. 100% of our full-time undergraduate students have some type of financial aid, with scholarship packages starting at $8,000 minimum. Your counselor for admissions personally walks you through financial aid, including the process of filing a FAFSA, maximizing your eligibility for aid, and answering any questions you may have along the way.