Student Senate

Learn about the role of student senate, how to make funding requests, and how to contact your senator.

What is Student Senate?

Student Senate is a student governing body whose primary role is to be the voice among students and serve as the link between administration and the student body.

At UJ, Student Senate’s goal is to promote a community of mutual support that seeks respect, cooperation, understanding and goodwill between administration, faculty, staff, and students. At the same time, they seek to establish a measure of self-government deeply rooted in the ideals of service.

By becoming a member of Student Senate, you can make a difference on campus, while developing leadership skills and growing your understanding of civic responsibilities.

Student Senate Bylaws

Student Senate Constitution

Getting Involved

Student Senate meets weekly on Tuesdays at 11 a.m. in Unruh-Sheldon 134. Meetings are open to anyone, so feel free to swing by. Please contact your senator with any questions or concerns. You can contact a senate representative at

If you are requesting organizational funding, please fill out this funding request. if funds are granted, a post-funding report will need to be completed within two weeks of the use of the funds.

Senators & Officers

The University of Jamestown Student Senate is composed of five elected members from each of the four classes, a four-member Executive Board, a few ex-officio members, and a staff advisor.

UJ Student Senate Executive

Executive Board

President: Peyton Piatz Vice Pres.: Daniel Erlandson
Treasurer: Micah Hoke Secretary: Sadie Meissner

2022-2023 SENATORS:

Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors
Thomas Drago Leah Kelsch Makelle Gulleson Sarah Jenson
Andre DeLeon Levi Greseth Robert Carlblom Jaidyn Sander
Oswald MeyerRice Josiah Penn Jaxton Wiest Zachariah Ebsch
Cody Pellaton Paige Erhardt Judies Yousa Amanda Allen
Owen Kerkvliet Gabi Oberg Megan Vermeersch MaTaya Dostal

Need additional support?

Our team is ready to help. Please reach out with any questions.

Sara Robinson

  • Director of Student Engagement