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Jan 18, 2019
By Annabel Jiran

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Annabel Jiran and friends

My experience at the University of Jamestown has been quite the journey! I’ve met the most incredible people, learned a ton of information both inside and outside the classroom, and grew as a person through all of the experiences that made up my time at UJ. I can’t believe that I’m already in my final semester!


I arrived at UJ eager to learn.

I started as a Biology major and Character in Leadership minor, but my education just kept expanding as I went! I added a Chemistry minor, a Psychology minor, and took many classes that didn’t fit into any of those – they just sounded really interesting! I also made a point to travel when I could and to participate in research.

So, I have kept myself busy, but I’ve learned at a both deeper depth and a wider breadth than I imagined I would. With each day, I’ve gained a better understanding of how the world works in a variety of disciplines. My classmates and professors have pushed me to think critically, stay disciplined, and work collaboratively.

Annabel Jiran and friendI came to UJ thinking that I was an independent learner, but I will leave knowing the value of working with others who are also passionate about what they do.


Other ways my life has been enriched

In addition to what my schoolwork has taught me, a plethora of student organizations (Students of Service, Jimmie Janes, Science Club, Habitat for Humanity, Wildlife Society, and Bible studies just to name a few) have enriched my life.

I have had the chance to exercise my leadership skills, give back to the community that supports me, and just be a part of groups that bring joy to people around them. I am in awe of the minds, hearts, and unique abilities that I witness every day on this campus, and I feel so honored to be surrounded by such a caring and driven student body.


College is a unique time in life, and it isn’t always easy.

Fortunately, everyone else here is experiencing similar dramatic life changes, stress, and exciting milestones right alongside me. UJ is a place where it is hard to feel alone, because it’s such a tightknit community and there are so many people who care and are invested in me as a person.

Annabel Jiran and friends

Though I am sad to leave this campus, I know that college is meant to be a temporary phase of my life. I feel ready to face the challenges that will greet me in the next chapter of my life as a medical student at UND. UJ has done an outstanding job of preparing me to go out into the world and successfully affect it in a positive way. The education I’ve gained, the connections that I’ve formed, and the friendships that have held me together will last a lifetime. I am so grateful for my UJ experience!

Annabel Jiran

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