Glenn Hultgren(’54) retires after 60 years

May 6, 2016

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Glenn Hultgren helping a patient

When Glenn Hultgren came to Fort Collins it was 1958. He was 25, three years out of chiropractic school and with his young family.

After 60 years as a chiropractor, Hultgren, now 83, has retired.

“It’s a dreaded time,” Hultgren said between appointments a week earlier in his south Fort Collins office.

“I told them to hang black drapes around the place (when I leave),” he joked.

Hultgren, born in Montana and raised in North Dakota, studied pre-med at University of Jamestown in North Dakota. There, after hurting his back playing football, he went to a chiropractor. At the same time, he was suffering from chronic nosebleeds.

After his first adjustment, he went back to his chiropractor, who didn’t ask much about his back. Instead, he asked, “When was the last time you had a nosebleed?”

“I didn’t have any this week,” Hultgren told the doctor.

“That went on for six weeks,” he said. “He never did ask how my back was, but I’ve never had a nosebleed now, since the fall of 1951.”

Hultgren graduated from Palmet College of Chiropractic in 1955. That same year, he married his wife of 61 years, MaryLou. Then they started their family — Bonnie, born in 1956; Robert, 1959; Barry, 1962; and Bethel, 1965.

Now, Hultgren said he’s lectured medical groups from all over the world. He’s remained active in the Christian Chiropractors Association, an organization he formed as a chiropractic student that sent hundreds of chiropractors to under-developed countries to assist Christian missionaries and provide health care.

Looking toward retirement, Hultgren said he doesn’t have anything special planned. He’ll spend more time with MaryLou. They like going out, taking day trips and trying new food.

“You take it one day at a time, one year at a time,” Hultgren said. “I couldn’t imagine 60 years.”

“Where did the time go? Where’d it all go?”

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