George Hemmingsen(x86): Son Hires Dad as Coach

Jan 13, 2018

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George Hemmingsen and son


When Concordia Cobber head coach Grant Hemmingsen had an assistant coach spot to fill, his plans were already made.

“It was going to be my brother or my dad,” said Hemmingsen, “It was always a plan that whoever became a head coach first, we were always going to be together.”

George Hemmingsen III(x1986), Grant’s father, would fill the position.

“He’s always been my sounding board after games,” younger Hemmingsen said. “I’ve always bounced ideas off him so I trust him with my basketball knowledge and his basketball knowledge.”

“Sometimes he puts the clamps on me so it’s kind of funny because I’ve had to put the clamps on him before,” George said with a laugh.

George gave one of the speeches in the locker room postgame. “Almost the exact same speech I gave the team two days (earlier) about leadership,” Grant said with a laugh. “I had to jump in and tell the guys, ‘Can you tell we’re from the same blood.’ ”

Goerge Hemmingsen III played basketball at UJ and later was an assistant coach for the Jimmies.

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