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Oct 22, 2021
By Amber Domres

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Before attending the University of Jamestown, I did not expect to find my second home and family. After graduating high school in Bismarck, North Dakota, I had ambitions to attend college somewhere warm, where the water in my eyes wouldn’t freeze outside. Yet, I ended up just 100 miles east in Jamestown. I am so fortunate God gave me the opportunity to play golf, sing in the choir, stay close to my friends and family, and experience a welcoming small campus with lifelong friends.

The Beauty in a Small Campus

The University of Jamestown has introduced me to amazing professors, staff, and students. I wanted to be heavily involved as a freshman, so I signed up for everything from Pie Club to the Nursing Student Association. The beauty of this campus is found in the connections made with others of all interests. We are one family.

I am inspired as a Jimmie by the way we build one another up, and I saw this firsthand through the pandemic. Our professors did incredible things to provide an educational experience that will equip us for the future. We Jimmies push each other to form the best versions of ourselves. Majoring in Nursing and minoring in Character in Leadership, I have found my “why,” what gives my life purpose. UJ is providing me with the skills to succeed in many aspects of life after college.

Picture of Amber with friends at UJ Block PartyFinding your Fit

Being part of a team in both golf and choir has allowed me to support others in a variety of ways. College is the time to find your groove and spend time laughing, struggling, and persevering with friends over the course of four years (or more ?). Sing your heart out at karaoke night, pack the student section at a GPAC championship game, or stay up way too late cramming for an exam with your classmates! One day you won’t be living down the hall from your best friends, so now is the time to make memories with them. My time at UJ has helped me grow as a person and has prepared me for my future in more ways than I could have imagined. Every student will always be a part of the Jimmie Family, and as always- Go Jimmies!!!!

Amber and her Intramural Volleyball Team

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