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Sep 21, 2018
By Teagen Skunberg

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Teagen Skunberg during homecoming

My experience at UJ has been nothing short of extraordinary! I can distinctly remember the series of events that lead to me choosing UJ as the university that I would attend.

I had exposure to a lot of universities while I was in high school because I did music and we had music festivals and competitions at different universities in the region. I thought the same thing at all of them – “way too big! No one knows each other!”


Visiting UJ

Being a NoDak girl born and raised, I wanted a smaller campus that was close-knit, like the atmosphere I enjoyed growing up in. I decided to apply to UJ, come shadow some classes, and meet some professors.

I sat in an Anatomy and Physiology class and it had about the same amount of students as my high school AP class; I did not think I would find that in college! I met the Biology professors, and they were friendly and kind and seemed to genuinely care about me as a person – I was not just a student to them. I told them about the state music competition I had coming up. Later, I saw some of the same professors at the store, and they remembered my name and asked how state music went. That would never have happened at a bigger school because professors have hundreds of students in a lecture section.

Teagen Skunberg

Entering UJ as a student

I came to orientation and had an absolute blast! Call me a nerd but I am an extrovert and LOVE ice-breaker games! Campus definitely is the close-knit atmosphere that I was searching for my junior and senior year of college.

I discovered that most of the students were looking for a close-knit campus too, so it made it easy to make lots of friends very quickly. You meet a lot of people right away, and then you meet others in your major – those are some of the only people that can truly understand what you are going through. Whether it’s a huge exam or a lab report, they are the individuals that truly get it. Everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand or take a minute to explain something to you in the library; we have all been there and being helpful is just the Jimmie way!


Traveling with UJ

Another blessing I have had while being a part of the Jimmie family are the multiple opportunities to travel. I have had the amazing experience of traveling to Florida for Habitat for Humanity, Churchill Manitoba, twice and to multiple research stations in Costa Rica.

I went on the Habitat trip the past 3 years and have had the opportunity to meet many amazing people and work for an incredible organization! These trips were an integral part of my spiritual journey, and I am blessed to be on a campus that has a strong religious life.

Teagen Skunberg and friends and chaplainI also was able to go on the field ecology arctic trip to Churchill and experience so much culture, as well as the scientific aspects of the ecological marvel that is Churchill. I went to Churchill again the next summer for eight weeks, and I got to do research on insects and tree swallows, along with a helicopter ride to a remote research base and kayak with belugas.

I also experienced research bases in Costa Rica and had the opportunity to zip line and white water raft through the rainforest. I would not have had these amazing opportunities if I were not a part of the Jimmie family.


My Jimmie Family

Many people have asked me, “Teagan, are you sad your time as a Jimmie is winding down?” My response is always, “My time as a Jimmie is only beginning!”

The Jimmie family extends way beyond this campus; it is evident at events such as Dine and Bid, or if you go to any athletic or music event where there are so many Jimmie alumni that are coming back to campus, giving back, and showing support for the newer members of the Jimmie family.

I was even on a plane, and I had a Jimmie sweatshirt on and a person came up to me and said “Hey, I am a Jimmie too!” Notice the words choice; they did not say I was a Jimmie.

Even though I graduate on May 4th (Star Wars Day!), I know I will not be leaving the Jimmie family. Even through the idea of leaving saddens me to my core, due to my experiences on this campus, which I know will always hold a special place in my heart, the Jimmie way will be always be engrained as a part of my being.

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