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Jan 15, 2014

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David Kinnoin ’01 playing baseball

David Kinnoin is a 2001 University of Jamestown graduate who is originally from Wishek, ND and is now a resident of Surpirse, AZ. Below, David shares some memories about his time as a Elementary Education and Physical Education major at University of Jamestown and describes his life post-graduation.

David currently owns three diverse businesses. The first, Surprise Sidewinders is a non-profit organization for girls ages 8-15 interested in playing travel fast pitch softball. The goal of this organization is to teach the game of softball and to engage in community-oriented projects. David states, “We want the girls to be great and softball and be successful in life.” There are currently three teams involved in Surprise Sidewinders.

Alyssa and Krista (see below) are two girls that Dave has taken care of once their father was sent to Iraq.

Alyssa & Krista at Fast Pitch Softball

The second business David owns is P & D Entertainment. This is a DJ Company that provides entertainment for many school events, weddings, birthdays and many community fundraisers. The third, business owned by David is a real estate investment company, Renovation Development. In addition to owning three businesses, David also works for the Surprise Stadium with the Texas Rangers and Kansas City Royals. He helps with clinics and mostly Spring Training. This year, David will be working in the Press Box.

David Kinnoin ’01 playing baseball

Q: What do you remember about your decision to attend University of Jamestown? How did you know it was the place for you?

It was in January of 1996. I just got done visiting both Jamestown College and the University of Mary. There was something special about Jamestown College. I could not explain it but I knew. I signed my letter of intent to play baseball and started the paperwork that January and never looked back. It was a great fit from the start.

Q: What were some of your best memories from University of Jamestown? Favorite class, professor, extra curricular activities?

My favorite memories of Jamestown College: There are so many! Playing baseball and hanging out with my teammates. My teammates and I became brothers. My favorite classes were probably Bowling and Archery. My favorite professor was Dina Laskowski. Dina was hard on me and cared about me. She knew my potential and pushed me every day to be better not only in school but in life. She inspired me to be the best I can be. Coach Hager was my biggest influence. Coach Hager is still a huge influence today. I talk to Coach Hager at least once a month. He calls to check up on me or I call him for advice.

Q: How did University of Jamestown prepare you for what you are doing now? What steps did you take after graduation?

JC prepared me not only for my 10 year teaching career but also for my life experiences. My classes and just the talks with professors and my coaches about how to succeed after college prepared me for the real world. JC is still preparing me for the next steps. It never stops teaching.

Q: Do you still keep in touch with anyone you connected with at University of Jamestown (professors, coaches, roommates, etc.)?

I keep in touch with many, many people from JC. Every summer, some of my baseball brothers and our friends from JC meet and our Coach spend a weekend out on a lake. There is usually about 6 to 10 of us that come for the weekend. I talk on the phone with each one at least once a month and email many times a month. We are always in communication. We are there for each other through the good times and the bad times. They are family to me. I keep in touch with Dina also. When she makes it to AZ I will meet for lunch. Every time I am back in Jamestown we will find time to meet.

Q: Do you have anything about your family or career you would like to mention?

I am very proud of my oldest niece, Abby Landenberger, who has decided to sign with Jamestown College to play basketball and go to school! She is in great hands with Coach Ulland (classmate of mine and a great coach and a great person).

Q: Have you been back to the University of Jamestown recently? If so, was there anything that caught your attention?

I come back to JC at least once a year. This year I got to come back for Homecoming. It was great to see everyone. I love the new buildings and the future projects that JC is doing. The campus looked amazing!!!!

Q: What aspect of your time at Jamestown shaped you most?

Everything about JC made me who I am today. It is a great place I would not have changed anything about my time there.

Alyssa and Krista have become avid JC fans

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