Clinical Counseling Admission


There are two avenues to be admitted into the University of Jamestown Master of Science in Clinical Counseling program:

  • Direct Entry: Students who submit applications as a senior in high school or undergraduate student at the University of Jamestown can be accepted to the Master’s in Clinical Counseling program without applying through PSYCAS (see below). The Clinical Counseling program will hold a position for the applicant, pending successful graduation from the University of Jamestown.
  • Application through the Centralized Application Service for Graduate Psychology.


Interviews will take place on a rolling basis with classes starting in fall (August) of every year. Offers will be made to qualified applicants following an interview. After review of the application, a student may be accepted, rejected, or a decision may be deferred. It is to the student’s advantage to apply as early as possible.

The application deadlines are typically in July. Please refer to PSYCAS for official application deadlines. Applications will be processed as they are submitted and verified by PSYCAS. We have a rolling admissions process, and we generally interview shortly after we receive the completed and verified application.

All required documents must be uploaded into PSYCAS for processing; do not mail or email documents to the program. Incomplete and/or unverified applications are not accepted.

University of Jamestown Master of Science in Clinical Counseling program gives priority to graduates of University of Jamestown, Jamestown, ND.


  • Minimum 3.0 GPA (may consider below a 3.0 on a conditional basis)
  • Bachelor’s degree in psychology, or a related field, from a regionally accredited university
  • 18 psychology credits preferred, but not required
  • Print and sign the Counseling Profession Requirements, scan a copy, and upload it to PSYCAS.
  • Successful completion of an interview