Application for Direct Entry: Masters of Clinical Counseling

  • Essential Function Requirements for Admission to and Progression in the Masters of Clinical Counseling Program

    As part of application into the Master of Science in Clinical Counseling (MCC) Direct Entry program at University of Jamestown, I understand and agree to abide by campus policies and procedures outlined in the undergraduate school bulletin and the policies and procedures set forth by the Clinical Counseling Program that include (but not limited to) the following items:

    1. 1. As a future counselor-in-training I understand that I will be expected to demonstrate academic, personal, interpersonal, and professional competencies. I understand that if I fail to acquire and demonstrate these required competencies, it could result in removal from the direct entry program. Requirements of the field include (but are not limited to) meeting competencies in the following areas: observational skills, effective communication skills, intellectual abilities, behavioral/social attributes, openness, willingness to acceptance feedback, conflict resolution, willingness to accept personal responsibility, emotional expression and stability, sensitivity to diversity issues, ethical and legal considerations, and interpersonal skills.

    2. 2. As a future counselor-in-training I understand that I will be expected to learn, apply, and abide by the ethical codes and standards that govern the counseling profession (American Counseling Association 2014 Code of Ethics, any other relevant professional association codes of ethics, and relevant state laws.) I understand that striving for and gaining competency in the counseling profession is important and as a counselor-in-training, I am expected to demonstrate competency in professionalism and knowledge of skills. I also understand that I am expected to maintain appropriate and professional interactions with peers and faculty. I understand that my performance (academic, dispositions, interpersonal interactions, commitment to self-care, etc.) will be evaluated by program faculty on a regular basis.

    3. 3. I understand I will be monitored on an ongoing basis by faculty. If I demonstrate academic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, or professional deficiencies (e.g., fall below a 3.0 GPA), I may be notified of these concerns and given one semester to remedy them.

    4. 4. I understand that professional licensure is not guaranteed after graduation. Program faculty monitor and attempt to design the program in harmony with state licensure. Students will be expected to know and research licensure laws and the licensure processes in the state or country in which they wish to reside. The program faculty will attempt to make changes to remain in compliance with licensing requirements as it is related to academic course requirements. I understand I will have to successfully pass licensure examinations and meet other requirements as set forth by state law for licensure in any state. I understand that, beyond completing coursework required for graduation, I will have to successfully pass licensure examinations and meet other requirements outside of the MCC program as set forth by state law for licensure in any state.

    5. 5. I understand the University of Jamestown Master of Science in Clinical Counseling Bulletin and the Practicum/Internship Manuals which I was admitted under may be revised to reflect program, accreditation, and/or licensing needs and/or revisions. I understand that I may have a choice to follow the current version or the version I was admitted under. I also understand faculty will explain those adjustments as they may impact future accreditation and or licensing. I also understand that I should become familiar with the bulletin, handbook and/or policies and practices of the program and the university.

    6. 6. The MCC program has a right to remove me from the direct entry program at any point if I violate any of the competencies required for the profession or any procedures/policies of the undergraduate or graduate schools. I am always welcome to apply through PSYCAS if this happens; removal from direct entry just means that I no longer have a spot held for me.

    7. 7. I understand acceptance into Direct Entry is not guaranteed acceptance into the program. A spot is held for me, but I need to meet the minimum requirements necessary to enter into the field, including completing my undergraduate degree with a 3.0 GPA or higher, demonstrating appropriate counselor-in-training competencies, and completing a Zoom interview. An official offer of admission will be made to me before the beginning of the semester I plan to start.