Donovan GibsonDirector of Transfer/International Admissions

Certifications/Degrees: B.A. in Physical Education, Bethany College (KS)

Phone: 701-252-3467 ext. 5505
Cell: 701-320-7811
Fax: (701) 253-4318


When did you start working at UJ? Why did you decide to be in admissions?
I was the Women’s Soccer Coach from ’98-02. I moved to Georgia and then returned to UJ in 2010. UJ was always the place that put the student first that I admired and respected. When you see the dedication to student success in and out of the classroom it’s easy to share UJ’s Journey to Success with future students.

Why do you think students will love being a Jimmie?
Students have a voice at UJ! We are a progressive institution that is not comfortable being the same as other universities. Whether we are adding new academic or athletic programs or building new facilities or upgrading our current ones, when a student steps on our campus they know UJ is moving forward to meet the demands of future education, careers and what it means to be a part of and serve in a community.

What tips do you have for college success?
You must be comfortable making yourself uncomfortable. Cross over. If you are an athlete, get to know someone involved with music and vice versa. If you are an international student, get involved with clubs and organizations on campus. Study abroad, one of the best ways to get an education is to immerse oneself into another country’s culture and customs.

It’s Saturday night in Jamestown and you’re starving, where do you go?
IDK (It’s a restaurant here Jamestown rather than an acronym for being indecisive). Nothing like going on the patio with a platter of Mac n’ Cheese Bites, Jalapeno Bottle Caps, and a Heat Burger while playing a game of bags with friends.

What’s your favorite spot on campus?
I often find myself taking a break and going for a stroll on campus and I can’t help but to think how scenic it is. I can’t say that I have one favorite place, but I can say there is serenity and beauty as one walks on this campus.

What was your most memorable class?
I studied Physical Education in college. However, my favorite and most memorable classes were in Literature and Creative Writing. I am constantly fascinated by the power of words and how they spur curiosity, interest, and have the power to invoke change on so many levels.

Quote you live by:
“How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.”
-Henry David Thoreau