UJ Celebrates the Naming of a New Engineering Lab

May 13, 2021

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Close up of the ribbon cutting ceremony with the Schuler family and the Board of Trustees

JAMESTOWN, ND: On May 7, 2021, University of Jamestown held a ribbon cutting to celebrate the opening and naming of its new building, the Schuler Engineering Lab.

Brett Moser, UJ’s Vice President of Alumni Relations, Development and Marketing, said, “This state-of -the-art engineering lab came to life because of the Schuler family’s generous gift. We are grateful for their dedication to our campus, as well as their ongoing commitment to scholarships for our engineering students.”

UJ began construction on what is now the Schuler Engineering Lab in the spring of 2018, after the University decided to add a mechanical engineering major to their undergraduate program. The new building, which is attached to Sorkness Hall, is home to the senior engineering lab and contains manufacturing, welding, and 3D printing equipment that seniors use to work on their final projects.

The lead donor for the project, George Schuler, graduated from University of Jamestown in 1968 with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance and currently serves on the University’s Board of Trustees. As the founder of Schuler Development, G. Schuler is an expert in researching, planning, and developing commercial and residential real estate.

The Schuler Engineering Lab has been dedicated to Jack Schuler, G. Schuler’s brother. Explaining why he chose to dedicate the building to his brother, G. Schuler joked, “We all know there shouldn’t be an academic building named after me.”

J. Schuler is a healthcare investor and philanthropist who founded the Schuler Scholar Program, which helps immigrant, low-income, and students of color succeed in high school and apply to college. The program has enrolled more than 1,400 students in the Chicago area since its founding.

Both G. Schuler and J. Schuler attended the ribbon cutting, as well as their sister, Adele Douglas, and countless nieces, nephews and grandchildren. Also in attendance were former UJ President Dr. Bob Badal, a friend of the Schuler family, current UJ President, Dr. Polly Peterson, and the Jamestown Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors.

Both G. Schuler and J. Schuler attended the ribbon cutting, as well as their sister, Adele Douglas.  Schuler Engineering Lab ribbon cutting

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