UJ Among Best Academic Stewards in National Release Ranking

May 4, 2022

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The University of Jamestown has been ranked No. 17 of 50 colleges and universities dubbed the best academic stewards. This release is one of the latest by AcademicInfluence.com, a college ranking company dedicated to providing accurate rankings for schools and programs in higher education.

The rankings were developed with this question in mind: What are the best colleges and universities if instead of rewarding waste and extravagance, we reward schools for making the best use of their limited resources?

“Academic Stewardship asks how effectively schools manage their financial and human resources to gain the influence that makes them academically excellent,” the AcademicInfluence.com team writes. “Schools that are exemplary in Academic Stewardship are doing everything in their power to help students and faculty achieve their full potential.”

Putting the University at No. 17 on the list of Best Academic Stewards, AcademicInfluence.com recognizes the institution’s commitment to offering students strong pathways to careers, supporting them in their academics while also keeping close tabs on financial resources and ensuring success for its stakeholders. The University’s motto “Your Success. Our Tradition.” highlights the school’s excellent track record of successful alumni. The University’s Top-20 spot on this list acknowledges the truth of that statement, since part of the algorithm’s measurement of influence calculated alumni and faculty contributions in their fields of study. This particular metric was termed Concentrated Influence.

“We’ve found that measuring a school’s influence based on the contributions of faculty and alumni make in their fields of study but then also controlling for size of the undergraduate population is the single best indicator of academic excellence,” Academic Influence says. “We call this Concentrated Influence. Schools that rank highly in Concentrated Influence are schools that, given their available human resources, invest heavily in their students and faculty, and the results are demonstrable.”

With this release ranking the best Academic Stewards among US colleges and Universities, Academic Influence recognizes the institutions that are fiercely committed to their educational mission, value character over prestige, promote student and faculty success, and emphasize growth and development to help students reach their full potential.

The University of Jamestown remains steadfast in its mission to foster the continued development of wholeness in students, providing an engaged, student-centered, Christian environment that fosters long-term success. While conventional college rankings regularly overlook the exceptional institutions serving smaller, rural areas in favor of those which boast wealth and ‘elite’ social status, the schools dubbed the Best Colleges & Universities by Academic Stewardship remain hard at work, continuing to foster success in the classroom and beyond.

The University of Jamestown has previously been recognized for its excellence by AcademicInfluence.com, ranking No. 1 in each of these 2021 releases: North Dakota’s Best Christian Colleges & Universities of 2021, North Dakota’s Best Liberal Arts Colleges, North Dakota’s Best Private Colleges & Universities, North Dakota’s Best Small Colleges & Universities.

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