Sylvia Hilgeman(’04) Featured in the Star Tribune

Dec 30, 2016

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Sylvia Hilgeman

Source: Star Tribune

Sylvia Hilgeman grew up no-frills on a farm in Red Lake County in northwest Minnesota, where flat fields are broken by steel grain bins, stands of aspen and abandoned farmhouses.

Her dad cultivated rented land and her mom raised cattle and milked cows at a neighboring farm to help pay the bills. They raised their children in a double-wide mobile home across a gravel driveway from her great-uncle’s homestead.

“My parents, they worked harder than anyone I’ve ever met,” Hilgeman said.

The work paid off for their children. Sylvia went to college, got a job in accounting and later joined the FBI. Today, she investigates white collar crime in New York City.

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Sylvia graduated from UJ in 2004 with a degree in Accounting.

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