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Apr 9, 2021
By Paige Argent

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Selfie of Paige Argent and six friends.

Before attending the University of Jamestown, I could not understand just how important it would someday be to me. After high school, The University of Jamestown provided me the opportunity to stay relatively close to home, continue playing golf, and be a part of a small, beautiful campus, making it seem like the right fit for me.

Being a part of a team

The teammates that welcomed me to UJ my freshman year started the continuing supportive and positive team environment I received being a part of UJ’s women’s golf team. From an appearance at nationals my freshman year to many tournament wins, nothing comes close to my most cherished memories which lie in the bus rides, team bonding, and time I spent surrounded by the best teammates. Being a part of a team that showed me the essence of hard work and commitment and always pushed me to be my best, is one of the most integral parts of my time as a Jimmie.

Paige Argent in her homecoming dress, posing with friends.

The importance of a small campus

The University of Jamestown has provided me with many lifelong friendships and relationships. After a while of being at the University of Jamestown, I wondered to myself how it happened that all these amazing people can end up in the same place at the same time. I realized that instead of luck, it’s the place that breeds it.

The small campus and student body provide the opportunity for the Jimmie Family I have come to love. The faculty, staff, coaches, teammates, and friends that make up campus show nothing but kindness, support, and love. The friends and people here on campus inspire me daily, as everyone here constitutes what it is like to be a Jimmie in their own way. Whether it be the constant smiles and greetings in passing on campus, the community and campus-wide support for the Jimmie arts and athletics, or the personal relationships you build with your professors and classmates, it provides an opportunity for everyone to be successful and makes me proud to be a Jimmie.


Paige Argent putting on the green.

As my time as a Jimmie comes to an end…

I thank my younger self for deciding to attend UJ. My time at UJ has been filled with fun, a plethora of relationships and memories that will last a lifetime, and an education that will prepare me for my future. I have spent time smiling, laughing, struggling, and persevering over the past four years, all which contributed to growth. My time at UJ and every person here has helped me grow as a person more than ever imaginable, for which I am thankful. Rather than the saying “It’s a great day to be a Jimmie”, I prefer, “It’s always a great day to be a Jimmie!”

Paige Argent posing with golf teammates in uniform.

Paige Argent posing with friends.

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