John Nelson(’02) Coaches Double

Jan 8, 2017

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John Nelson

John Nelson coached in Joliet, MT for nine years. After being the boys assistant coach for three years and the girls assistant for two, Nelson took over as the girls head coach two years ago and started coaching the boys this year. This is his first year coaching both teams.

“We have a great group of boys and girls with great personalities so they make it easy. We preach family and team, and all the kids are buying into it. We have lots of laughs together and keep things light.” said Nelson, “Coaching is not all Xs and Os, it’s about relationships.” “I think [the kids] are worried about feeling like they let someone down or disappointed somebody.” “[I enjoy] being a part of the kids lives. Having kids that played for you and are playing for you, and when they ask for advice in life, and the relationships that are created.”

Nelson was born in Colorado and moved to Red Lodge when he was in the fourth grade. He graduated from Red Lodge High School and then went to University of Jamestown, where he played baseball and earned a Bachelor Arts in Elementary Education and Physical Education.

“I’ve played ever since I can remember. My Grandpa Joe put up a hoop in the back yard for all the kids and grand-kids and that’s what we did all the time. I played in high school and then on intramural teams in college.”

Nelson is a self-employed contractor and his wife of 12 years, Julie, works for EBMS in Billings. They have a son Jack who will turn three years old in January and a daughter Jordyn who was born on Christmas day, four weeks early.

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