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Jan 20, 2023

Giving Hearts Day

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Connections made at the University of Jamestown can start anywhere. The dorms, locker rooms, classrooms, cafe. But let’s not forget about the faculty and staff halls and offices.

Pictured from left to right are Dr. Teree Rittenbach ’76, Dr. Geneal Hall ’59, Dr. Helen Melland and Dr. Diane Fladeland

This connection was forged by four women who’s passion revolved around helping others, especially helping young minds be the next generation of medical miracle workers.

Pictured from left to right are Dr. Teree Rittenbach ’76, Dr. Geneal Hall ’59, Dr. Helen Melland and Dr. Diane Fladeland. Their friendship started when they were on the faculty in the Department of Nursing at Jamestown College where they spent many hours together in the classrooms, labs, and the hospital.

Geneal Hall writes “we all knew we wanted to continue our careers in nursing educa-tion and wanted to obtain masters degrees, but it was not practical to go back to school at that time because of family responsibilities. In the late 1970’s we became aware of a “summers only” program at the University of Portland where we could earn our masters degrees in 3 summers. Shortly after spring semester ended at JC we headed west enthusiastically (but with some apprehension) on this new adven-ture, with our books, our maps, our stethescopes, and our children. Those summers in Portland strengthened our ties as we became students again.

Eventually Helen and her family moved to Grand Forks and Diane and family moved to Bismarck but we continued to communicate and stay connected. We spent a few days together every summer at a lake in Minnesota and always got together during Christmas break to bake Christmas cookies and exchange gifts.

We all knew we wanted to continue our education and enrolled in a Ph.D. program at the University of Minnesota in the early 1990’s. We took pre-requisite courses at UND and NDSU, then rented an apartment in Minneapolis and commuted weekly for one academic year plus one summer to attend classes at the U. of Minnesota. That provided many opportunities for studying, discussing, and sharing some fun experi-ences in the Twin Cities. When we finished our formal on-campus education at the U. of M. we could do our research and complete our dissertations from home. We always kept in touch and encouraged/supported each other.

We have remained friends since those early days at Jamestown College and
continue to get together for Christmas baking and summer lake fun.”
Friends forever with a foundation that
began with their connection on campus.

Your connection with the University of Jamestown on Giving Hearts day can make certain every student who chooses to be a Jimmie can choose UJ knowing they’re supported not only educationally but financially as well.

THANK YOU for considering our Jimmies for your Giving Hearts Day gift.

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