Oct 12, 2018
By Alexis Piatz

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Alexis Piatz

I have grown up with a very large family: twelve sets of aunts and uncles and 31 first cousins amongst many, many second cousins. I am used to being surrounded by the ones I love. When coming to Jamestown, where three of my aunts and uncles live, I knew that there was family nearby should I get homesick.


I never imagined that I would grow into a sort of family on campus.

Freshman year, I was blind-sided by a difficult math class. Throughout this struggle, I developed a relationship with four of my classmates who were going through that same thing, and we became very close. We have cried, laughed, and yelled at each other, similar to how siblings would. These four have become my “school siblings.”

Toward the end of sophomore year, I found a large group of friends who were all connected in different ways. Not each person is the best of friends with everyone, but we all know that we’ll be there for each other should we need support. This group of people came to be my “school cousins.”

Alexis Piatz and golf friends

Throughout my golf career at UJ, I’ve missed a lot of classes. With meets, I was constantly gone from classes and trying to catch up on school work. My professors were always willing to talk and support me in anyway necessary. They are my “school aunts and uncles.” While not of age to be my grandparents, I like to think of my advisors as my “school grandparents.” They have been willing to share their wisdom, cook me delicious meals, and give me tough love when I need it.

I like to think of the community surrounding the campus as my “extended school family.” I might not know them personally, but they all come together to celebrate big events and are always cheering each other on.


My Jimmie Family

Throughout my years at Jamestown, I have been fortunate enough to extend my already large family. I know that there is always someone here to support me, and I love supporting everyone else in all of their athletic and professional endeavors. I am forever thankful to be a part of this big Jimmie family.

Alexis Piatz and golf teammates

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