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Jan 20, 2023

Giving Hearts Day

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Left to right: Flatz, Gue, Klemann, Douts, Larson
Left to right: Flatz, Gue, Klemann, Douts, Larson

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines connection as a person connected with
another especially by marriage, kinship, or common interest. When a group of JC
alumni name their annual get together “The Greatest Day Ever”, it’s probably safe to
say their definition of connection is so much more.

Introducing Hans Flatz ‘09, Tanner Gue ‘08, Jim Klemann ‘09, Daniel Douts ’08 and
Kyle Larson ‘08. Hans, Tanner, Kyle and Jim all played baseball for the Jimmies and
Dan was a fellow classmate.

Their time honored tradition is an annual fishing trip and 2023 will mark their 17th
consecutive greatest day ever. They have fished all over North Dakota, Minnesota
and Canada over the years. Though they played baseball and went to class together
while on campus, their main connection was established due to their love of fishing.
They all carved out time to cast lines together while on campus and made a pact to
continue that tradition after graduation.

These best friends make their homes in Montana, North Dakota and Minnesota, but
no matter the amount of miles between them, they make their greatest day ever a
priority each year. When new students make their way to campus, they are
consistently reminded about the importance of making and fostering connections
during their time as Jimmies. The Greatest Day Ever clan is often used as an example
when talking with new students, in hopes this fishing tradition will inspire new
Jimmies to nurture similar bonds with their fellow class and teammates.

Your gift to the University of Jamestown on Giving Hearts Day goes directly to student
scholarships to make certain they have the greatest experience ever while on campus.
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