2021: Record Year for the Jimmie Scramble

Jun 29, 2021

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The 35th Annual Jimmie Scramble took place Saturday, June 19, at the Jamestown Country Club. Like previous years, the format was a four-person Scramble and featured record-breaking numbers across the board.

A record number of golfers, 94 on the Friday night shootout event and 244 on Saturday’s Scramble, participated in the events. The golf event and online silent auction grossed a record $66,000. All proceeds from these two events help support athletic scholarships and program operating budgets at the University of Jamestown.

“The Jimmie Scramble has become a great tradition, and its impact on our UJ student-athletes and athletic programs is tremendous,” said Assistant Athletic Director Jim Klemann. “We are incredibility grateful for the support from our UJ alumni, friends, and sponsors.”

The Scramble was split into two divisions, with each placing the top three teams.

Shootout: 94 players (47 two-player teams)
Scramble: 244 players (61 four-player teams)
Gross Division: No Handicaps Calculated
First: Brian Meyer, Alan Anderson, Tyler Lamp, Chris Nogosek gross score: 52
Second: Brent Giesler, Michael Nogosek, Troy Roaldson, Shane Ost gross score: 54
Third: Matt Eggl, Jordan Padilla, Brennen Grubb, Doug Eggl gross score: 55
Net Division: Handicaps Calculated
First: Greg Ulland, Dustin Jensen, Jeremy Rahm, Tracy Gustafson net score: 50.7
Second: Bryan Wenzel, Meghan Wenzel, Marshal Burgess, Garrett McNeil net score: 51.65
Third: Steve Schmitz, Sean Rinkenberger, Terry Olson, Trenton Olson net score: 53.7
Women’s Division
First: Carrie Orn, Brietta Iverson, Brandie Ulland, Mary Jensen net score: 70
Shootout Winners
Steve Sedler and Shawn Taft score: 67
Prize Winners
Hole One—Closest Second Shot: Nick Nelson
Hole Two—Longest Drive: Natalie Lonnberg/Cody Vogler
Hole Three—Longest Putt: Natalie Lonnberg
Hole Four—Closest to the Hole: Dawn Zinkie/Steve Sedler
Hole Six—Longest Drive Closest to Line: Tracy Gustafson/Jason Bitz
Hole Seven—Closest to the River in Fairway: Danny White
Hole Eight—Closest to the Pin: Paige Argent/Shane Piatz
Hole Nine—Longest Putt: Drew Serres
Hole 12—Closest to Pin: Tara Lipetzky/Todd Steinwand
Hole 13—Closest Second Shot: Shane Ost
Hole 14—Closest to the Hole: Sierra Bennion/Brandon Stahlhut
Hole 15—Longest Drive: Sierra Bennion/Scott Nune
Hole 16—Longest Putt: Bill Malone
Hole 17—Longest Drive: Sierra Bennion/Brandon Stahlhut
Hole 18—Longest Putt: Natalie Lonnberg/Brian Wenzel

Jimmie Scramble 2021

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