All Music Reunion Form 2023

We are very excited to welcome back all of our music alumni to our All School Reunion this fall!
Check out the Alumni and Friends page for the full schedule of events, but as a reminder:
  • Band alumni will play with the band on the Friday night concert. There will be a rehearsal before the concert.
  • Choir alumni will be invited to come and sing with the choir at the end of their performance as is our custom.
  • Choir alumni will have a Rehearsal/Concert time on Saturday morning.
  • Band alumni will be able to play with the Pep Band for the Homecoming Football game. A rehearsal will be scheduled for Saturday morning.
  • If you are an alum of both groups, you should be able to participate in all of the events.
In order to facilitate a great experience for everyone, we need to get some information from you. Please fill out the form below. Band alumni will be receiving music over the summer in case they wish to practice.
What Event Will You Be Participating In?(Required)
Participation information needs to be in by Sept 15
Voice Part
Will you need to borrow an instrument?
Would you like a commemorative T-Shirt? ($10 to be paid at the event)
T-Shirt orders need to be in by Sept 1