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As a student studying English at University of Jamestown, you’ll dissect poetry, prose, and everything in between. You’ll learn from four full-time professors who represent a range of areas of expertise and approaches to writing and literary study.  

As a result, you’ll be able to explore many subjects – academic, creative, and professional writing; English grammar and the history of the English language; British, American, and world literature of various periods and genres – while still getting to know, and be known by, each of your professors on an individual basis.  

What you’ll gain 
  • Expository, analytical, argumentative, critical, and interpretive skills in the classroom—all of which are beneficial for law school preparation and related careers. 
  • Teaching skills and professional development via participation in the UJ Writing Center 
  • Creative writing and/or editing skills via participation in Plainsong, UJ’s annual literary magazine 
Life after graduation  

Our goal is to give students a broad education so they can graduate with vast knowledge of literary history—from the ancient to the modern world—and experience writing in a number of different genres. Part of the strength of the English major is its malleability. Because English focuses on soft skills, it makes graduates adaptable in fast-changing job markets and graduate school, including: 

  • Law school 
  • Secondary education 
  • Higher education 
  • Business 
  • Publishing 


These concentrations are available in English

English: Writing Concentration requires the following coursework:

Course Title (credits)
Engl 201 Introduction to Literary Study and Analysis (3)
Engl 210 World Literature to 1500 (3)
Engl 230 English Literature to 1785 (3)
Engl 231 English Literature since 1785 (3)
Engl 250 American Literature to 1865 (3)
Engl 251 American Literature since 1865 (3)
Engl Electives (9)
Engl Upper Level Writing Elective (3)
Engl 331 Shakespeare (3)


History of the English Language (3)

English Grammar (3)

Engl 497 Writing Portfolio (1)
Total Semester Credits Required: 37

Why UJ?

  • Small class sizes with a focus on teaching excellence and student learning
  • Professional work experience integrated into classroom discussion and learning

Broad-based education

Graduates are prepared for a wide variety of careers and educational experiences. 


of freshmen return after their first year

(They like it here—the national average is 65%) 

Unmatched support

From day one, each student gets a faculty advisor. Someone who’s available to help you register for classes and secure a job after graduation—as well as everything in between. 

Career Preparation

Gain real-life experience, all before you graduate.


Obtain work experience and make informed career choices through internships of a semester or more in length. 

Writing Opportunities

Publish fiction, non-fiction, and poetry in Plainsong, UJ’s annual literary journal. For those who are more journalism oriented, UJ’s student newspaper, The Collegian, is always looking for fresh writers. 

Jimmie Voices

“My time as a student was spent in an environment that prioritized learning, provided by knowledgeable and available professors who gave us the tools to grow as young professionals. Each course taken in my time has been one that has served me well, and in turn, it has served the students that I work with every day.”
Emma Preble Cook, ELA Teacher
Class of 2018
“My English degree helped me develop as a well-rounded professional who has an appreciation for many different areas of interest and created an ability to have discussions and critical conversations about a multitude of subjects in our interconnected world.”
Korey Erickson, MLS, MS
Library Coordinator; Teaching Fellow, Class of 2008 & 2012
“I think studying literature is significant for anyone because it is a subject that at once teaches practical skills that are useful in everyday life and in any given job, such as critical thinking and clear expression in writing, and it makes us unfold as humans because it teaches us empathy, to be open to new ideas we might otherwise have never considered, and to keep asking more and better questions. The professors at UJ and the courses offered allowed me to do all that.”
Linda Hess, PhD
Senior Lecturer, Class of 2007
“The education I received through UJ’s English and biology departments continues to support my professional life. I’m now a Clinical Quality Consultant with a podcast about literature – neither of which would be possible without the teachers at UJ.”
Laura Sieling-Gaylord
Manager, GCP QA Consultant, Class of 2016
“An undergraduate degree in English is a solid foundation for the practice of law. An English major develops clear and concise writing, as well as critical and considered reading, and both skills are used daily in understanding and interpreting the law.”
Allison Woodbury, JD
Shareholder, Fredrikson & Byron, P.A., Class of 2000
Bill Heinzen posing with his book
“The communication and writing skills I learned are an invaluable skill in my role as a cybersecurity professional. Outside of work, I have also been able to leverage my English background to write and publish fantasy adventure novels, which has been one of the great enjoyments of my life.”
William Heinzen
Information Security Team Lead; Author; Class of 2010
“A UJ English major is intrinsically valuable and is worth pursuing solely because it will make you a better human being. If, however, you want to consider the practical advantages that an English degree can bring, then consider that I was offered a senior executive position at a Fortune 100 company in large part because I could think clearly, analyze an argument, and write well. I developed those critical skills in the UJ English Department.”
Shane Berg
Senior Vice President for Planning and Development, Class of 1996


Course Title Credits

Engl 201

Introduction to Literary Study and Analysis


Engl 210

World Literature to 1500


Engl 230

English Literature to 1785


Engl 231

English Literature since 1785


Engl 250

American Literature to 1865


Engl 251

American Literature since 1865






Upper-Level Writing Elective


Engl 331



Engl 351


Engl 401

History of the English Language


English Grammar




Engl 497

Writing Portfolio


Total Semester Credits Required: 37

Meet your faculty

As a student in UJ’s English program, you’ll learn from four professors. Each has their PhD and is an expert in their field.

Tuition and Financial Aid

We believe every student, regardless of their financial situation, should have access to a UJ education. 100% of our full-time undergraduate students have some type of financial aid, with scholarship packages starting at $8,000 minimum. Your counselor for admissions personally walks you through financial aid, including the process of filing a FAFSA, maximizing your eligibility for aid, and answering any questions you may have along the way.