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Want to change the world? Become a teacher.  All professions— doctors, lawyers, mechanics, you name it—have one thing in common: at some point, they were influenced by a good teacher.  The English Education program at University of Jamestown will help you become the kind of teacher who impacts not only the present, but the future for generations to come.  

Program details 

As a student studying English Education at UJ, you’ll dissect poetry, prose, and everything in between. You’ll learn from both English professors who represent a range of approaches to writing and literary study, as well as Teacher Education faculty who’ve gained extensive experience as k-12 classroom teachers prior to moving into higher education. 

 As a result, you’ll be able to explore many subjects – academic, creative, and professional writing; English grammar and the history of the English language; British, American, and world literature of various periods and genres – while still gaining the knowledge it takes to teach grades 5-12.  

What you’ll gain 
  • Preparation for the Praxis Core tests, which education students are required to pass for admission to the program and professional licensure 
  • Expository, analytical, argumentative, critical, and interpretive skills in the classroom—which are especially beneficial if you plan to pursue graduate study for a career in higher education 
  • Hands-on teaching skills by becoming a peer tutor in the UJ Writing Center 

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty

Candidates must be formally admitted to the Teacher Education Program in order to enroll in most education courses. Typically, candidates apply for admission to the program while enrolled in EDUC 201: Introduction to Teaching. 


To apply, candidates must complete the application form and submit it to the Teacher Education Department by November 1 for spring admission or April 1 for fall admission. Applications are not reviewed during the summer. 


Admission Criteria 

  • Attainment of required credits for sophomore status 
  • Completion of Educ 201: Introduction to Teaching with a minimum grade of C- 
  • Completion of Educ 100: Praxis Preparation 
  • Minimum grade of C- in Engl 101 and Engl 102 
  • Minimum grade of C- in Comm 102 or 201 
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.70 
  • Satisfactory background check 
  • Passing scores on the Praxis I (Core Academic Skills) tests 
  • Approval of the Teacher Education Council 

The University of Jamestown Teacher Education Program is fully accredited by the North Dakota Education Standards and Practices. It is aligned with the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) and with InTasc standards and professions. 

 Evidence of program effectiveness, as well as Teacher Education program resources (like applications and handbooks), can be found on the Teacher Education Program page. 

Our program prepares you to gain Secondary Licensure to teach English for grades five through twelve. Candidates who display satisfactory progression in Teacher Education, complete all course requirements, and pass the required Praxis exams are eligible for licensure in the state of North Dakota.  

 Candidates who plan to teach in states other than North Dakota should review this document, and then discuss licensure requirements with the department chair. 

For more information on what it means to satisfactorily progress in the Teacher Education program, praxis exams, and license eligibility, please refer to the Teacher Education Program page. 

Why UJ?

  • Experience small class sizes (averaging 12 students) with a focus on teaching excellence and student learning.
  • Master classroom design and dynamics related to teaching and assessment in a one-of-a-kind facility modeled after an upper elementary/middle school classroom.
  • Learn from faculty dedicated to the teaching profession. Beyond their normal 9-5, they serve as mentors to first-year teachers, train other teachers to become mentors, and are involved with federal and state grants to promote teacher education and the education profession.

Minimum Yearly Scholarship

We’re invested in helping society’s rising need for teachers by providing a yearly scholarship to qualified Teacher Education students. 


Placement Rate

Graduates from UJ’s English Education program have a 100% job placement rate in North Dakota high schools. 

Unparalleled SmartLab Training

UJ is the only higher education institution to have a SmartLab. That means our Teacher Education students get valuable training in SmartLab lessons and facilitation before they enter their profession. 

Career Preparation

Field Experiences

For two semesters prior to student teaching, our students spend two full weeks in a teaching field-experience. These experiences occur in multiple settings, giving candidates the opportunity to interact with a variety of students and experience diversity across environments—all so they can enter Student Teaching confidently and well prepared. For more information on Field Experiences, please refer to the Teacher Education Program page. 

Student Teaching

The final stage of the Teacher Education program is a semester-long student teaching experience in an accredited classroom of the candidate’s licensure area. For more information on Student Teaching, please refer to the Teacher Education Program page. 

Student Teaching Abroad

UJ also has a partnership with the Woodstock International school located in Mussoorie, IndiaInterested students can conduct their semester of student teaching on the footsteps of the Himalayan Mountains. Room/board is provided by the Woodstock school, and—thanks to a generous donor—airfare for interested students is covered.  

Writing Opportunities

Publish fiction, non-fiction, and poetry in Plainsong, UJ’s annual literary journal. For those who are more journalism oriented, UJ’s student newspaper, The Collegian, is always looking for fresh writers. 

Jimmie Voices

“It can be difficult to accommodate a classroom with a variety of learning styles and abilities, but I have never felt incapable of doing so thanks to my time in the University of Jamestown English department. I was given me a well-rounded, engaging education in English that has allowed me the versatility of knowledge needed in an ever-changing classroom.”
Emma Preble Cook
ELA Teacher, Class of 2018
“My English classes at UJ helped instill in me a love of literature. As an English teacher, I now have the meaningful opportunity to pass that love on to others.”
Jared Berntson 
High School English Faculty, Class of 2019
“My English degree enables me to articulate a vision for the implementation of successful programs in my professional organizations. From strategic planning and grant writing to program evaluation and public speaking, I utilize the writing skills UJ taught me to make sure that I am coherent and clear when sharing information.”
Korey Erickson, MLS, MS
Library Coordinator; Teaching Fellow, Class of 2008 & 2012
“I think studying literature is significant for anyone because it is a subject that at once teaches practical skills that are useful in everyday life and in any given job, such as critical thinking and clear expression in writing, and it makes us unfold as humans because it teaches us empathy, to be open to new ideas we might otherwise have never considered, and to keep asking more and better questions. The professors at UJ and the courses offered allowed me to do all that.”
Linda Hess, PhD
Senior Lecturer, Class of 2007


Course Title Credits

Educ 100

Praxis Preparation


Math 102

Intermediate Algebra

Or higher level


Educ 201

Introduction to Teaching


Engl 201

Introduction to Literary Study and Analysis


Psyc 203

Developmental Psychology


Educ 209

Principles/Practices of Teaching in Middle & Secondary Schools


Engl 210

World Literature to 1500


Educ 219

Instructional Media and Technology


Engl 230

English Literature to 1785


Engl 231

English Literature since 1785


Engl 250

American Literature to 1865


Educ 253

Applied Cognitive Theories


Engl 251

American Literature since 1865


Educ 303

Introduction to Teaching Students with Exceptionalities


Educ 305

Managing and Monitoring the Learning Environment


Educ 306

Multicultural Education


Educ 308

Curriculum & Teaching in Secondary Schools


Educ 310

Reading Methods: Middle and Secondary Schools


Engl 314

Advanced Expository Writing


Educ 316



Engl 331



Educ 344

Young Adult Literature


Engl 351

History of the English Language


Educ 398

TED Seminar I


Educ 399

TED Seminar II


Engl 401

English Grammar


Engl 414

Advanced Multi-Genre Writing


Educ 408

Methods: Secondary English


Engl 497

Writing Portfolio



English Elective


Educ 498

Student Teaching Seminar


Educ 499

Student Teaching


Meet your faculty

As a student in UJ’s English Education program, you’ll learn from dedicated faculty who are also experts in their field. They’ve presented at state and national conferences, published in peer reviewed journals, are leaders in state and national organizations which promote teacher education.
Unruh Sheldon Center, home of the Education program at UJ

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Tuition and Financial Aid

We believe every student, regardless of their financial situation, should have access to a UJ education. 100% of our full-time undergraduate students have some type of financial aid, with qualified Teacher Education students receiving a minimum of $13,000 per year.