Appeal Form for Academic and Financial Aid Suspension

How to use this form

This form is used to appeal an academic suspension and/or a financial aid suspension. Students submitting this form should have been notified that they have been placed on suspension. The following paragraphs detail the ramifications of Academic and Financial Aid suspensions:

Academic Suspension Ramifications

Students who do not achieve the required minimum grade point average for three successive terms are placed on Academic Suspension. Students on Academic Suspension are:

  • Unable to register for classes at the University of Jamestown for one academic term following the imposition of the suspension. Students who successfully appeal their academic suspension may be placed on continued Academic Probation.
  • Ineligible for intercollegiate athletics.
  • Restricted to no more than 13 undergraduate credits (no limit for graduate students).
  • Ineligible for directed/independent studies.

Additional restrictions or requirements may be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Financial Aid Suspension Ramifications

Students on Financial Aid Suspension are no longer eligible to receive federal, state, or institutional financial aid from the University of Jamestown as a result of not meeting minimum academic progress requirements. Students must provide requested information to appeal the suspension. If an appeal is granted, the student will be placed on an Academic Plan. If an appeal is not granted, the student will remain on financial aid suspension.

Appealing Your Suspension

Please fill out the form below to appeal your suspension. Note: approval of suspension appeals is not automatic. Specific answers to the following questions assist the committee that will decide your appeal.