University of Jamestown

August 21, 2013 – One hundred and thirty years ago, the foundation for Jamestown College was laid. Today we celebrate a step along our journey as we announce that we are now the University of Jamestown.

“While there are many things that have changed and helped move Jamestown College forward, there are also many things that will remain the same at the University of Jamestown. The University of Jamestown will keep the Liberal Arts central to our educational values. The University of Jamestown will continue providing a place where students can receive the full attention of faculty on an individual level. The University of Jamestown is still the place where life-long friendships are made. The University of Jamestown still places value on hard work, strong character, honesty and integrity. The University of Jamestown is still the place that allows students to be athletes, musicians and artists. The University of Jamestown retains Jamestown College as the cornerstone of its existence. And, our mascot endures: GO JIMMIES!”  -

President Robert S. Badal