The Office of Student Retention is committed to providing continuous, quality support for undergraduate students from matriculation to graduation.

We do this through one-on-one student contact, program development, review of University policy and procedure, early intervention, systematic tracking, We Care Student Support System, commitment to our students, and so much more!  We are dedicated to help improve the student experience at the University of Jamestown.

We Care Report

WE CARE about our students at the University of Jamestown.  Maybe they are homesick, not doing well in a class, or you hear they are not getting along with their roommate.  Remember—WE CARE!  If you believe that a student is struggling or at risk of leaving the University of Jamestown, please complete a We Care Report.  The Director of Retention will assess student needs to create a plan of action to help them succeed at the University of Jamestown.



If you are considering withdrawing from University of Jamestown, we need to meet with you. Please schedule a meeting with Lori.

Contact Us:
Lori Listopad
Director of Retention and
Learning and Academic Advising Center

University of Jamestown
6055 College Lane
Jamestown, ND  58405

Lyngstad Room 111C
701-252-3467 ext. 5442

Fax:  701-253-4318