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Laundry View Alert System

We have a new electronic laundry monitoring system in the residence halls! This is an added convenience to all students. The new system will show you the availability of the washers and dryers in your residence hall or when a washer or dryer will be available in your residence hall laundry room. It will also notify you via email how much longer your laundry load has to go before being complete and/or when it is complete?The UJ Laundry View system is easy to useā€¦

Simply click on your hall name below and view your laundry room. (The function is available on mobile devices as well.) All of the washers and dryers are listed, as well as availability and time until the end of cycle if a machine is operating.

To be electronically notified when your laundry load is complete, simply enter your email address to the right of the appropriate washer(s) and dryer(s.)

Prentice Hall
Seibold East
Seibold West