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Reflections from my time at UJ – Bryce Nybo

Bryce Nybo

As the semester winds to an end, I have started to reflect on my time here at UJ. I am currently finishing my last semester in the Teacher Education Department.

Though my last semester has been filled with student teaching and soccer, I can still remember what brought me to campus in the first place. I grew up in Bismarck, and as I was looking at potential schools, University of Jamestown was never at the top of my list—it was overshadowed by other state universities. However, in 2011 that changed.

Deciding to come to UJ

That year, my brother Jace committed to play soccer here at UJ and absolutely loved it. After hearing about his experience, I took a tour of the campus and got to practice with him, which was a new experience for me.

After that visit, I fell in love with the small-campus feel and the support that was abundantly present.

Why my experience is unique

Looking back on my time here at UJ, I have thought about what makes my experience unique compared to the majority of my peers. That experience is being a part of something bigger than myself—being a part of a team that has included people from 16 different countries.

Bryce Nybo huddled with teammates on the field.

Having that cultural experience is something so special, because it has created a second family here on campus between those who aren’t able to drive home on the weekends and us local guys. The relationships I’ve formed with those international students have turned into lasting friendships and have even given me a number of tour guides if I ever decide to travel to their home countries.

Bryce bringing the ball up the field.

Mastering time management

Being a college athlete isn’t an easy task with weekly travel across the Midwest and hours of practice. As many would say, time management is the biggest life skill that we have learned to master while playing collegiate sports.

The daily grind usually involves getting plenty of rest, going to class, going to practice, the training room, study groups and study tables. All in all, there isn’t a lot of free time to relax, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Needing that constant competition is what drives me in the classroom and on the field. With the help from my professors and coach, I’ve been able to tackle all of these things.

My favorite things about UJ

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my decision to come to Jamestown. As I finish my final semester, I am so grateful for having constant support from the community, faculty, and students. One of my favorite things that I love telling people thinking about coming to campus is that I can walk from one side to the other, and say “hi” to the majority of the people I pass. That culture around the University is what makes University of Jamestown such a special place.

Wherever the future takes me, I can always look back at my experience in Jamestown. I am proud to be a Jimmie.

Bryce Nybo with his family, on the field, after a game.

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Posted:November 15, 2019

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