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A Jimmie for Life – Andrew Hornung

Andrew Hornung

Seven years ago, Byron Jones made a half-court buzzer-beater in double overtime to beat Valley City State on their home floor. My 8th-grade-self stormed the court along with the student section – so you could say I’ve been a Jimmie for a long time. Not even Byron’s shot, however, has compared to the past three years.

I was always worried that as a Jamestown native, I wasn’t going to have the chance at experiencing a different setting. I was wrong.

UJ campus was an entirely new ecosystem for me.

The first semester here was magical. I met some amazing people, and that really kickstarted my time here at UJ. I still recall the endless nights in the Watson lounge, the excitement of the Kroeze dance, and the inevitable threat of another Bill accounting quiz. My version of a ‘Happy Monday,’ however, is spent at the track, rather than Unruh Sheldon 136 – my fellow Jimmies know what I’m talking about.

Andrew Hornung running a race.

Joining the track team

The laid-back environment of practice accompanied by workouts that sometimes make me question existence has always been my outlet in good times or bad. I’ve really grown to enjoy being a part of the Track team during my time here. There’s no better feeling than running at peak performance when your team needs you the most, and that’s what I’ve had the amazing opportunity to do every year alongside some great athletes and coaches.

Studying abroad

Some of my best memories of my college experience have come from across the globe. Last year, I decided to embark on an exchange semester in Finland. Connecting with students from all over the world was something I never wanted to end.

Andrew Hornung overseas, overlooking a river.Bucket list items that I could’ve kicked down the road for years suddenly became realities every weekend. Whether it was wandering the streets of Prague, losing my phone in Russia (not a bucket list item), hopping out of the sauna to take a swim in the Arctic Ocean, or dancing my face off in Berlin’s nightclubs, it all amounted to what felt like a lifetime of experiences in a span of four months.

The clock is ticking…

My time here at UJ is almost up. Jimmies – don’t wish it away. There are so many ways you can grow at this University, and I recommend taking all the risks and opportunities you can handle – you’ll have yourself to thank down the road. I am beyond grateful for the opportunities I’ve had here and feel equipped for the next chapter in life, but for now…

Here’s to one more year!

Andrew Hornung with his relay team.One of Andrew's overseas pictures of a foreign building.

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Posted:September 27, 2019

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