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How to Change the World – Megan Bidwell

Three years ago, I packed my rusted Chevy Lumina, set my cruise control, and made the four-hour journey to Jamestown, North Dakota. I was starting my freshman year of college. I was scared and already homesick, yet I was excited for this next chapter in my life. I didn’t know what to anticipate, how I would make friends, or if my roommate and I would get along. What I did know – was that I wanted to make a difference.

But how? How does one small-town girl make a change? Through trial, error, and perseverance, I was able to find my “making a difference niche”.

Here are my top five tips to changing the world, right here in Jamestown.

1 – Join everything, and anything.

If it interests you or challenges you, if it inspires you or even just sounds like fun, join it! Be a part of a community and partner with others to help give back.

2 – Get involved with the community.

Volunteer service is not only great for the résumé, but it is so good for the heart. Giving of your time is such a valuable gift and rarely feels like work.

3 – Surround yourself with the best.

When you fill your life with encouraging, kind and inspiring people, you will find yourself capable of so much more than you ever dreamed.

4 – Follow your passions.

Passion drives us and makes us unique. Following these passions and working where we feel compelled is so rewarding – even more so, working in our passions is often where we can create the most.

Megan Bidwell with friends.

5 – Commit.

Work hard! Seriously. Nothing important happens without a ton of effort. Decide what is worth your time and give to that! Hard work is how serious, long-lasting change occurs.

Don’t forget – making a change can be big or small. Long lasting or just a quick wave. You have the power, skills, and ability to make this world a better place. So do it!

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Posted:September 20, 2019

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