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UJ’s Lasting Impact – Britta Knudson

Britta Knudson

When I committed to attending the University of Jamestown on February 13, 2016, I had no idea the impact that decision would have on me.

When I began the college search, there were many different things that I wanted to have in a university. I wanted a good education, a small campus, to be close to home, and a good volleyball program. I saw all of these characteristics while on my campus tour. However, I couldn’t see the thing I wanted most from college on the campus tour: to form lasting relationships. Thankfully, after arriving on campus as a student, I quickly formed friendships that will go beyond my four years here.

Forming friendships

My friendships have developed through different classes and the education program, but mostly through volleyball. I have been so blessed to have been able to meet my best friends while playing the sport that I love.

2019 UJ Volleyball team and coaches

Britta Knudson cheering with teammates during a game

Learning new lessons

Volleyball, although it is just a game, has shaped my college experience. My coaches and teammates have shown me that volleyball is more than just wins and losses. It is about the process. Things do not come easily in volleyball, classes, and the real world, but when we work hard, focus on the little things, and have great attitudes, we all have the opportunity to be successful.

Staying grateful

The culture and work ethic of our campus goes beyond University of Jamestown and into the community. It isn’t at every college that the whole town is out supporting the students and the faculty, congratulating the team on a job well done. This is a unique characteristic that should not be taken for granted.

Britta Knudson selfie with a friend and two sock puppets they are using
People were always telling me as a freshman that the four years of college will fly by. They were right. I have yet to comprehend that this is my final year at University of Jamestown. This is the last year that I get to see my friends every day, go to classes, and play volleyball in a competitive setting. To say that I will miss being at University of Jamestown is an understatement.

God has blessed me with my teachers, coaches, and friends that have cared for and guided me these years and have prepared me for the future. I can say with confidence that I have formed meaningful relationships that will last the rest of my life.

Britta Knudson posing with friends and teammates

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Posted:September 13, 2019

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