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Three Secrets to Success – Sir Jimmie

Hear ye! Hear ye!

The 2019-2020 school year is finally upon us. Huzzah!

To those who art experienced knights, welcome back to our faire kingdom. And to ye freshman squires, welcome to thy new journey.

As ye prepareth for this semester, here are my three secrets to success:

Slow and steady wins the battle!

Bid farewell to cramming and all-nighters. Instead, try to do a little work every day for each class. This shall help ye stay on top of ye workload all semester long.

Participation shall be celebrated!

Many an event is happening on campus. Get out there and participate! Whether ye join a campus organization, don ye orange and black at battle, or taketh in the arts, new experiences are waiting for ye.

Be brave enough to ask for help.

Resources for thy success at our kingdom are all around ye. The campus elders (also known as faculty and staff) are here to help, from counseling for the present, to life after college, and everything in between.

For now, I bid thee luck and farewell!
Sir Jimmie

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Posted:August 30, 2019

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