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A Series of Questions – Samantha Berlin

How Did You Get Out Here? Also known as ‘You’re from Where?!?!’

This must be the most frequently asked question that I have heard in my four years at UJ. It has come from friends, professors, nurses at the clinic, in short just about everyone I meet. I never really know how to answer it.

My go-to response is I am originally from Erie, Pennsylvania and that I moved here to be closer to my sister, nephews, and niece. However, I also knew I wanted to live somewhere other than PA, and UJ checked all by boxes – small school, high success rate, nursing program, free admittance application, not in Pennsylvania.

I applied, and while I did technically apply to other schools mostly to fill a high school requirement, I had no intention whatsoever of going to any of them. I was accepted and had sent in my deposit without having set a foot on campus (that would come about three weeks later), but luckily this impulsive decision worked out well!

What’s Your Major?

I entered my freshman year as a nursing major, but that changed rather quickly. Thanks to my professor and now advisor, Dr. Johnson, I will be graduating in May with a Bachelor of Arts degree in both History and Political Science, with minors in English and Philosophy.

During my first semester, Dr. Johnson, recognized the enjoyment and success I had in American National Government and asked me if I had ever considered majoring in Political Science. I had not, but I began to look into it, and eventually after numerous Google searches, conversations with my parents, friends, and anyone who would listen, I decided to switch. As I continued with classes, I eventually added another major and two minors.

What Do You Do in Your Spare Time?

When I get this question, my first reaction is normally to laugh and say, “What spare time?” However, when I am not doing schoolwork or working in one of four work-study departments, I am an avid book and movie connoisseur, I enjoy traveling, and I attempt to go to as many concerts and theater shows as I can.

Perhaps the one thing I enjoy the most though is cooking and baking. I find baking, especially, to be relaxing, so the more stressful the semester, the more likely it is that our apartment is full of sweets, breads, and pastries. This year, I successfully made puff pastry dough, which was difficult to accomplish, but I was very excited about how it turned out!

What’s Your Favorite Part About UJ?

This may surprise many who are aware that I am a very happy introvert, but my favorite part about UJ is the people. Everyone from my friends and acquaintances to the professors and staff make UJ a great place to be. I have been privileged to meet and befriend some of the kindest, funniest, and most genuine people through classes and clubs and organizations (Wind Ensemble, Pep Band, History Club, Alpha Chi, TWLOHA, Golden Z). I know that the people I get to interact with daily make me a better person and each of them are wonderful and important in their own ways.

UJ also has some of the most caring and sincere professors and staff. Everyone is genuinely interested in you and your well-being as well as the material and job that they are doing. My professors, especially those that I have consistently had throughout my four varying disciplines, have taught me and inspired me to be the best student and person I can be. I can never thank them enough for all of their hard work and support that I have been lucky enough to receive these last four years.

Are You Excited to Graduate?

I like this question much better than “What are you doing after you graduate?” because I’m still not really sure what the answer to that one is, but I am excited to graduate. It is a bittersweet moment—I am going to miss my friends and professors whom I have grown accustomed to seeing every day and whom I have come to rely on as a constant. But, I am excited to leave UJ with the knowledge and experience that I have gained, and I’m looking forward to the next big adventure that life has in store for me.

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Posted:May 3, 2019

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