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Muscles, Monologues, and Memories – Kenady Hansen

Kenady Hansen with yellow flower in her hair .

My experience at University of Jamestown over the last four years has been life changing. I have grown so much as a student, friend, and person from my experiences, studies, and extracurricular activities during my time here.

I’ve learned not to fear who I am

As an Exercise Science major with a minor in theatre, I’ve seen many people raise an eyebrow at my academic choices. But, UJ has given me the opportunity to be involved in and fall in love with both the arts and sciences.

Having chosen to be an Exercise Science major (twice), I would often fear that I was not choosing the right path for myself, because I had a passion for both the arts and the sciences. Ultimately, I learned that I did not necessarily have to give up anything that I loved to do.

UJ allowed me to continue studying my love for how the body moves, while still having the opportunity to pursue a minor in Theatre while being actively involved in shows. Being here has taught me that art and medicine can come together to create an empathy that I believe has made me a better person for my future career. Because of this, I am no longer afraid.

Group picture of UJ Zonta students and professors.

Being taught by many different professors

I have had the opportunity to be taught by some amazing professors in my time here! Although school and academics are extremely important, what makes my experience here at UJ memorable were the people that I spent my time with learning from outside of school.

Kenady Hansen performing in The Dining RoomI have managed to have the best memories with some of the best people I have ever met. Through Relay for Life, TWLOHA, and the Golden Z club, I have spent my time learning service and advocacy with some of the most kind-hearted people I have ever met. I spent late nights studying with some of the most hard-working people, which taught me to be resilient. I also spent countless hours in the theatre department making some of the closest friends I will keep forever.

Finally, both my friends and roommates have taught me that it’s okay to take a break, laugh a lot, and make that midnight Perkins pie run!

Looking ahead

I think that my experiences and trials here at UJ have prepared me for the future as I become a Physical Therapy student. Graduating in the spring will be extremely bittersweet, but I know I have great experiences as a Jimmie and an army of people that I love to guide me through the start of the rest of my life.

Kenady Hansen performing in '9 to 5: The Musical'

Kenady Hansen posing with 5 friends.Kenady Hansen performing in 'On the Town'

Kenady Hansen under the table performing in 'The Dining Room'

Kenady Hansen with 2 other actresses performing in 'The Admirable Crichton'

Kenady Hansen with 3 other actors performing in 'The Admirable Crichton'

Kenady Hansen with 3 other actresses performing in 'The Admirable Crichton'

Kenady Hansen with another actresses performing in 'The Admirable Crichton'

Kenady Hansen with several actors performing in 'Spamalot'

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Posted:February 1, 2019

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