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3 Weird Tricks to Change your Life – Kyle Glander

I am a senior Accounting and Financial Planning major that is also heavily involved in the music department here on campus. I am excited to share a few tips (especially to you underclassmen) on how to succeed both in and out of the classroom.

Trick #1: Build relationships

Every time that you are given the opportunity to make a new connection in your college life, take it. Whether it is someone that you meet in your residence hall, through classes, or through sports, you have the potential to interact and learn from so many different people and their unique stories to help yourself grow and mature.

Some of these connections that you gain will be there to assist you not only through the end of college, but also for the rest of your life.

Trick #2 Smile (I know, super cliché)

Stress is everywhere – this is college after all. There are science and nursing majors stressing over tests, business majors stressing over presentations, education majors stressing over lesson plans, and music majors stressing over performances, among many others.

So, what is a great way to help your own stress as well as help the stress of those around you? You guessed it – smile. Smiling cannot only affect those around you in positive ways, but also just the physical act of smiling can have a huge positive impact on your own mental health.

Lastly, smiling (like yawning) is contagious – the more that you smile, the more other people smile, and eventually we get the whole campus smiling. As you can see, a single smile has the power to do incredible things. It’s why the word “smiles” is the longest word in the dictionary, because there’s a mile between each “s.”

Trick #3: Take time for yourself

As your college life progresses, you will most likely find yourself becoming increasingly busy, and your schedule just seems to fill up faster and faster. When this happens, find something you enjoy – it could be drawing, playing videogames, reading, playing a musical instrument…just about anything. Find this thing and make time for it.

It is crucial to make time to decompress from the everyday stresses of college life to maintain your mental health and well-being. Taking a 15-30 minute break to do one of these things in between hours of work is much healthier and can even be more productive than working for more than two hours straight. Just listen to your body and mind, and find the most effective and efficient ways to keep those two things healthy, as well as succeed academically and otherwise.

Overall, take your academic life in college seriously, but make sure that you find balances between yourself, your work, and your social life. Most importantly, remember the things that are most important to you, and set goals to achieve whatever they may be.

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Posted:December 7, 2018

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