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Making my family proud – Jimmy Hatch

This is my second year at the University of Jamestown. I transferred from my junior college in California in hopes of coming out here to pursue my education and my career in football.

My experience as a student-athlete

Being a student-athlete has been a great experience, but it also has its struggles. I find myself constantly trying to balance between being the best athlete and student I can be. School has always been my number one priority, and perfecting my craft in football is important to me as well.

My goals

With one more year left here, I hope to continue to excel in all my classes and graduate with my Bachelor’s Degree in Communication. I will be the first and youngest out of my family to graduate college, so this will be my biggest accomplishment. Additionally, I want to continue to make my mark as starting running back in our football program.

In all, I have really enjoyed my experience thus far at the University of Jamestown. I’ve met a lot of new people and formed some strong bonds with my teammates and coaches. Within this next year, I’m going to strive to be the best student-athlete I can be and bring home a degree to make my family proud.

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Posted:September 28, 2018

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