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A Knight’s Tale: How Not to Fail

Fellow Jimmie Knights,

It is I, Sir Jimmie! I am here to warn thee of the impending storm on the horizon. Dark days are upon us. A fearsome beast is less than a week’s journey from terrorizing our beloved campus. This monster calls itself Finals Week, and it preys on the weak and ill-prepared.

Finals Week will search for chinks in your armor, so thou must be equipped to joust. The fearsome Finals Week will not rest until it consumes thine time and energy. One of Finals Week’s signature tricks is holding Jimmies captive for hours in the library, forcing them to study their nights away. Tragically, others are held hostage in their Dorm-room Dungeons.

I call on thee, Jimmie Knights of the University of Jamestown, to put down thine swords and pick up thine pens. For every scholarly Jimmie knight worth his armor knows that the pen is mightier than the sword. Prepare yourself for battle mentally, but do not forget to take care of yourself physically. Finals Week seeks to deprive thee of thy sleep. Cramming and Anxiety can lead to sleep deprivation, which potentially results in lower test scores. I ask that thou not exhaust thyself in preparing for battle, but focus on the whole-self; mind, body, and spirit. For an exhausted knight will meet a deplorable fate. Do as I say, and may high GPA’s follow these dark and treacherous days.

To combat the stress-induced Finals Week, I have provided the Knights Code for Finals Week:

  • Pulling an all-nighter is one of the worst things that you can do (other than sleeping in and missing your finals). Fatigued brains do not retain information, nor do they recall it well.
  • Put away your trusty steed and play with puppies!
  • Pets have been found to help one focus and can relieve stress and anxiety, so head down to James River Humane Society for some puppy loving.
  • Make a study/training routine.
  • It seems obvious, but with some effort you can make each day more productive by setting aside designated time to study as you approach test day.
  • Exercise!
  • Take a break to exercise with friends at the Foss or go on a run/walk. Research has proven that exercising can boost your memory and brain power.
  • Snack on Dark Chocolate while studying.
  • Dark chocolate, which is over 70%, cocoa, fights the stress hormone cortisol and has an overall relaxing effect on the body. Plus chocolate releases endorphins which act as a natural stress fighter (and it tastes good).
  • Avoid Caffeine
  • Caffeine can actually increase anxiety and fatigue- so drink it in moderation. Stay hydrated by consuming water instead- you will find that you have much more energy.
  • Limit the amount of time spent on Social Media.
  • Copious amounts of time are wasted checking Facebook and twitter that could be used more productively. Those silly cat videos will be there after your final.

Run the gauntlet valiantly, and you will come out a Knight in Shining Armor! Prepare yourself for battle, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Sir Jimmie

P.S. Embrace the Orange!

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Posted:December 4, 2015

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