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Flat Sir Jimmie

Welcome to the first entry of the Sir Jimmie blog. A blog is often-times used to tell the story of the blog-writer. But I’m Sir Jimmie. My story is known far and wide and if you don’t know my story you can find an official biography here: The story I and others will tell on this blog is the story of the University of Jamestown and how Jimmies everywhere make the world a better place.

The world was very different when I arrived in Jamestown in 1962. JFK was in the White House. Vietnam was becoming a household word. Women were beginning to understand the term equality. College campuses around the world were seeing students beginning to understand that it is up them to make the world bigger and better than what it was.

So, 1962 was a confusing time. The world seemed on the very brink of something of which nobody seemed quite to understand. What is needed in a time like that is a place like the University of Jamestown – a place that is grounded and offers security but also opens doors and allows students to make something of the world of which their parents and their professors never even dreamed. If only I had had a blog in 1962.

I am a Knight. I battle dragons (and perhaps a few Vikings). I go on journeys. I open doors in order that those wanting to enter can do so. I know I can always come back to UJ where the doors are always open for students to leave into a world of possibilities and also for those that have left to come back home.

Today, 12/13/14, is the last Saturday before the Christmas break. As students and faculty head to family, friends, or perhaps warmer climates over the holiday break, I will be left alone with nobody on campus except for a few staff members to keep me company. As much as I love the University of Jamestown campus, I do feel a bit heavy-hearted to see you go. Every year, having gotten to know some of you, I do go wherever you go at least in spirit.

This year, you can take me with you in body. Starting next week, I have made available gifts for you in the form of me! This gift is actually a gift for me, too, because the hope is that you will take me with you on your holiday break. Some of you might be concerned that you do not have room in your compact cars for the Jimmie Knight. It is true that armor is not the best traveling suit unless you are on the back of a horse. That’s why I am being made available in the form of a small cutout which can be picked up in the newly remodeled Knight Hall December 15th or 16th from 11:30 – 12:30 or at the bookstore between December 15th and 18th during normal hours of operation. There will also be a few Flat Jimmies available from Anna at the Fargo campus during this time. Supplies are limited, however. We only have one flat Jimmie for every 5 students and faculty and staff are welcome to bring me on their holiday travels, too. Get your Jimmie soon.

I do want to come with you wherever you might go. What’s more, I want you to document my being there. Take a picture with me. Post it on Facebook or Twitter. Tag it with the hashtag #UJFlatJimmie – we can be found on Facebook @University of Jamestown and Twitter @JimmieKnight. You can tag your photos anytime between 12/16/2014 and 1/16/2014. Submitted photos will then be added to a Facebook gallery on the University of Jamestown Facebook page. Photos with the most likes or shares from our gallery between 1/16/2014 and 1/24/2014 will win a book store gift certificate from $25 – $100.00.

Also, if you have a story to tell from your holiday, please tell it. This blog exists to tell the stories of people in the UJ community that represent who and what we are. There is a link at the top of the page you can click to email your story. You can also include a picture if you like. This is NOT how you enter the photo contest, but you could get your story read.

You will hear from me on the Sir Jimmie blog weekly. You will also be able to read first-hand accounts from other individuals in the UJ community that are experiencing those things that happen every day which are significant to what we do and who we are.

For next week’s blog, I have managed to convince Dr. Brian Lang to share some things I never knew about finals week (and your professors). As this story is told, you will want to find out what he has to say. I have been on campus for more than 50 years, and he reveals some things so astounding I could never possibly have imagined them. So stay tuned. Do good things. Make Sir Jimmie proud.

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Posted:January 2, 2015

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