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The Journey – Alexandra Hill

My favorite animal life cycle has always been the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly. It’s a beautiful story of something seemingly small and slightly insignificant changing into remarkable splendor.

In some ways, coming to college felt like this same sort of transformation in my own life.

Growing up in rural North Dakota…

I went to school with the majority of the same classmates from day one of kindergarten until graduation. If you’ve experienced this, you understand that by the time graduation rolls along, everyone knows everything about you: your likes and dislikes, your entire family history, and most likely your great aunt’s cat’s name.

Now, don’t get me wrong…I absolutely loved high school and the tight-knit community I was a part of! In fact, there are many days when I miss it terribly. This very background played a large role in my decision to attend Jamestown.

However, growing up in such a small town can sometimes make you feel like a caterpillar. You belong to clubs because it’s what people expect, you play sports because it’s what others tell you you’re good at, and you’re friends with people because you’ve known them practically since you and they exited the womb.

Blossoming in college

Coming to college provided me with an opportunity to break out of my cocoon and become who I wanted to be. I didn’t make any drastic changes, but I did realize my passions and who I am as an individual.

I no longer had teachers who already knew what to expect from me and friends well acquainted with my personality. It was time for me to choose who I wanted to be.

Finding my niche

The University of Jamestown provides so many opportunities for students to find their niche. For me, this was my faith. This emergence allowed me to make my faith truly my own and begin to live it.

Furthermore, I was able to find “my people”. “My people” are those friends who just understand me and will undoubtedly be by my side for the rest of my life. All in all, UJ provided me with an experience better than I had ever imagined… a truly, life-changing experience!

UJ offered me the chance to spread my wings… and I’m so happy I did! Were it not for this truly special place, I wouldn’t have been able to fit into the new shape that was on hold for me. The journey from caterpillar to butterfly has been an incredible experience so far, and I can’t wait to see where I fly off to next!

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Posted:February 16, 2018

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